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Breakers: Infinity War


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What's up STL Bboys and Bgirls! It's time to suit up and assemble, for the War of the Infinity stones, will be battled with your uncanny and extraordinary dance skills! Come dressed as your favorite superhero (Marvel preferred) and compete for the ultimate goal, the Infinity Gauntlet! There will be 3 stages or realms to utilize your skills and obtain this ultimate power. We will also be giving out prizes for best costume, and Marvel trivia as well. This will be a fun and unique event, so come through ready to engage in the ultimate battle using skill, wit and style. Prepare yourself for the Breakers Infinity War! We'll see you all on the dance floor May 5, 2018. Competition Rules below:

There are 6 stones, and two of them are in play (mysteriously). The Space stone (Tesserract) and the Reality stone (Aether). The Aether stone is altering reality causing duplicate characters to exist in the same plane. And the Tesseract is transporting our dance heroes to different locations to battle!

*Who is Worthy (1st realm or prelims):
We have 4 stones to give away based upon each dancers worthiness to each element of that stone.

Orb (Power stone)- each dancer will showcase for 1 round their power moves, and the best will obtain this stone.

Scepter/Vision (Mind stone)- each dancer will showcase for 1 round their best set, stack, or combo, and the best will obtain this stone.

Eye of Agamotto (Time stone)- each dancer will showcase for 1 round their best technique (tricks, complicated patterns, etc) using timing and cleanliness, and the best will obtain this stone

Soul Stone- each dancer will showcase for 1 round their style, swag musicality, creative flash and unique flow, and the best will obtain this stone.

**Challenge Day (2nd Realm, competition for advancement)

The Space stone has been located and one of our dance heroes will have a chance to obtain 2 stones! This will be a 3 to smoke style battle. Each dancer will draw for king of the hill to start the battle. The 1st to win 3 in a row or the most wins within 15 minutes will be awarded the Space stone!
4 way draw will battle 1 round, 1v1, in 2 battles, then the winner from each battle will battle each other for the final winner.
3 way draw will battle 3 rounds in a 3 way eliminator battle. The 1st to win the first round in a 3 way battle, will not battle the second round. The remaining 2 dancers will battle the second round and the loser will be eliminated. The last two will battle a third round for a winner.
2 way draw will battle 3 rounds for a winner.

***Infinity War (3rd Realm, Battle for the Gauntlet!)

It's time to finalize this, and determine who has the skills to obtain all of the stones and lead their team into victory, that's right team! Each stone represents a plus 1 for battle (a plus one represents supernatural powers or abilities). Each possessor of a stone can choose another bboy/bgirl to build his/her team. The holder of 2 stones may add two team members! This will start as a 2v2 and 2v3 for 3 rounds. You keep what you beat! The winner of the semi-finals can add their defeated foes to their team or choose 2 different dancers. This will be a 5v4 final battle for 5 rounds! The winning captain of His/Her team will be awarded the Infinity Gauntlet and team will receive free movie passes for the Infinity war movie!

For any questions on the rules and/or about the competition/event please hit me up on FB David Blake or on our page El Movimiento: Latin Beginnings Ministries