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Create a Sacred Smudge Feather Cleansing & Blessing Workshop


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As a professional Clairvoyant, Medium and Reiki Master; I have successfully assisted many individuals & families with complicated spiritual issues such as spirit attachment and release, negative energy identification/extraction, house blessings, energy/aura cleansing and counseling. I would like to talk to you about the different tools I use to cleanse and maintain energetic balance in my client's homes. Did you know that you can cleanse your environments from unwanted negative energies, illness and bad luck by using a technique called smudging? Smudging (cleansing by burning botanicals) is a sacred, spiritual technique that anyone can learn. These tools are natural and Universal so that anyone can use them to banish unwanted effects and encourage positive energy to flow into your home or personal space. Using a sacred feather smudge wand regularly can help you maintain a calm, peaceful, loving space and clean the Aura. I will also recommend which high vibration crystals to create energetic boundaries and protection as well as which herbs, woods and incense you can use to enhance the results.
If you are Sensitive, an Empath or an Energy Healer and you feel you need to learn how to protect your energy, this class is for you.
If your relationships leave you feeling drained, this class is for you.
If you feel that you attract people who are needy and who want to rely on you and you don’t know how to protect yourself from their negativity, this class is for you.

This class is a workshop that includes:
Lecture and handout instructions.
Your very own personal Sacred feather smudge wand
(We will make these in class with ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED; feathers, wood, leather, fur and crystals.
White Sage Bundle
AND a beautiful genuine abalone sea shell for burning herbs.

Fee: $50.00
Limited to 7 attendees

Please call (no text) 559-824-8900 to register
Or message Jackie on Facebook.
Or contact Eric, VIA TEXT/EMAIL
We accept: Paypal, Visa, MC, Amex, Cash

**Loose Leaf White Sage, Crystals, Palo Santo Wood, Incense and Essential oils are available at additional cost.
**House blessing kits for take home will be available for purchase in this class. You may pre-order in advance, while they last.