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40k Monthly Tournament - Competitive

Fat Ogre Games & Comics
Event organized by Fat Ogre Games & Comics

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Fat Ogre Tournament- Competitive

This tournament was designed in mind of allowing everyone to have an enjoyable experience. Make sure to have fun and that your opponent does too!
+Entry Fee: $15
+Warhammer 40,000 Matched Play Rules (The beta rules for character targeting and smite will be in effect)
+2,000 points: Max Power Level- 30
+(3) Detachments Maximum
+All Forge World and Games Workshop Index and Codex permitted. Note: If your army has a codex, those rules must be used as per GW excluding index units not present in the codex.
Note: All codex’s, FAQs and supplements released on or before March 31st will be in effect, not anything released afterwards.
Tournament starts at 10:00 am, dice will start rolling at 10:30 am

What you need to bring with you: your army,, dice, tape measure, pen or pencil and codex’s and rulebooks that you need for your army.

(3) Randomly Determined Scenarios. There will be a BRB or CA Eternal War mission, a BRB or CA Maelstrom mission (Bring cards or a piece of paper to write your objectives on), Rounds will be 2.5 hours in length with an hour lunch break after the first round.

Scoring breakdown is as follows:

A Players Overall Score will be a combination of Scenario, Sportsmanship and Painting Score. This ranges from a score of 0 to 35 (plus list modifiers).

Scenario Scores: A Win is 5 pts, Tie is 3 pts, Loss is 1 pt

Sportsmanship Score: Sportsmanship score will be based on a 1st,2nd, and 3rd best opponent vote by each player at the end of the day. All players must submit these scores or will be ineligible for any prizes.
A Players 1st best opponent will receive 5 pts.
A Players 2nd best opponent will receive 3 pts.
A Players 3rd best opponent will receive 1 pt.

We will be holding to a standard of What You See Is What You Get and the “Count-As” rules from Games Workshop and ITC.
NO GO Examples: Lasguns painted as Plasma Guns does not “Count-As”. An Ork Slugga Boy as Mephiston does not “Count-As”.
NO GO WYSIWYG Examples: A model armed with a lasgun, cannot say it is a lascannon.
GO Examples: Using Forge World Mortarion with your Horus Heresy Death Guard to “Count-As” Roboute Guilliman and Ultramarines. Using Autocannons as “Count-As” Heavy Bolters.

IF you are concerned, then send a picture in and let the TO’s rule on it. Don’t come to the tournament expecting it will be okay.

Prize Categories:
(Players must play through all their games or they will be ineligible for any prizes they might receive)
Best Overall
Best sportsman
Additional prize categories based on attendance