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The Scarus Crusade: Phase 1 Planetfall

Fate and Fury Games
Event organized by Fate and Fury Games

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F&F Campaign Rules
• Players will be randomly selected to roll for their initial drop site; this will be the players starting point and home base on the planet
• Players will then be randomly selected to choose which tile(s) they will attack
Attacking and Defending Tiles
• Players must create a battle forged army list with a max of three detachments
• The attacking player decides how much of their force they will commit to the battle; note that they must leave at least 50 points in their starting tile.
o For example, I have 1000 points starting; I send 500 points to attack Chris lord of the chumps, and then 350 to attack Joe squire of the chumps leaving 150 points to defend my home base for any attacks fulfilling the 50 pts min to hold my base.
• If a tile is occupied by another player the two players have from Saturday to Thursday to battle. Players will then decide which day they will battle; Saturdays and Wednesdays are the primary days for the league, however players may meet throughout the week.
o The attacking player must inform the defending player how many points they are attacking with.
o The defending player then decides how many points of their force they will defend with, note players have the same pool of points for both attacking and defending so spend your points wisely
• If a tile is unoccupied players will attack the current planetary defense force. Think of this group as a NPC for the campaign.
o Mike or Chris will be in charge of playing this force. Their points will be random and scale each week as the players points do.
• Players must report battle outcomes no later than Thursday night by 11 pm to Mike
• New missions will be posted on Saturdays.
• If a player loses all of their tiles they have do a random drop assault in from space the next week
o Note they will receive the additional reinforcements that all players receive in order to keep the game balanced
• Each week there will be custom mission(s) given to each player by Mike and or Chris on Saturday
• All missions will follow matched play rules
• Each mission will have different objectives

Story of legends (optional)
• players must submit a min of one paragraph bio of their warlord and the army they command and why they are attacking the planet
• The player with the best fluff will win a special prize at the end of the campaign.
o This will be judged by Mike, Joe and Chris
• Players must all submit any heroic actions that happened during each battle to add to the continuing fluff of the campaign.
o For example an Iron hands dreadnaught passed 7 feel no pain saves and was able to hold the line, a monstrous creature was finally put down by humble lasgun fire by a squad of lowly guardsmen, a horde of daemons were summoned just in time to slaughter the puny humans holding the line, etc
Asset rules
• Command Bastion
o The player that holds a tile with this asset gains an free garrison the points escalate each week
 1st week 50 pts
 2nd week 100 pts
 3rd week 150 pts
 4th week 200 pts
• Shield Generator
o On the first turn all defending units receive a 5+ invulnerable save in their deployment zone and 6+ invulnerable outside of their deployment zone. Note this can be taken against mortal wounds. Defending player must roll a D6 of 5+ each constitutive turn to see if the shield is still in effect
• Manufactorum
o At the start of each defending player turn each models repairs/regens 1 wound back on a D6 roll of a 5+ in their deployment zone and D6 roll of a 6+ outside of their deployment zone
• Power Station
o Currently no effect in game
• The first primary objective of campaign is to completely hold one if not both of the space ports on the planet
o Players must own every adjacent tile around the spaceport to completely hold it.
o The player(s) who hold the spaceport by the end of the month win the first round and unlock the next portion of the campaign
• Secondary objectives are:
o Holding the most tiles
o The player who removes the most opponent from the map

Mike will be the primary admin for the gameplay mechanics. Chris will post the fluff and story as it progresses, he will be a backup admin but will primarily be a player.
Missions will be posted each Saturday

Week I “Planet scout”
Each army will start with 1000 pts to form a battle forged army, max of 3 detachments.
Players will be randomly selected to roll for their initial drop site; this will be the players starting point and home base on the planet
Players can attack up to two adjacent tiles

League points
• Players will also receive league points for the chance to win each months raffle
• Points will be given for the following
o Player attended one of the two official league nights, Wednesday or Saturday
o Whole army is painted, 3 colors min
o Whole army is based
o Player brought a snack for everyone
o Player has a model in their army that they built, converted or hobbied during the week
o Player used a new unit in their army that they haven’t used in this month’s league yet
o Player brought a new friend
o Player won a mission