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Chakras and Their Healing Properties﹣脈輪及其療癒力

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Hasuji will use powerpoint to detailing Chakras and Their Healing Properties. It will take you 3 hours for the presentation. We add 1 hour of concert and share 4 hours in 2 nights.

Hasuji在美國過去的三十年裡一直在不斷追求音樂。她曾在不同的大學、表演藝術中心、音樂和聲音治療會議、世界/爵士樂/鄉村音樂祭、 電台/電視台、教堂/寺廟,瑜伽靜修林、以及印度古典舞蹈團,表演印度的古典音樂Raga Sangeet(科學,精確,微妙和美感的旋律音符系統,與無比生命力的塔布拉鼓合奏)。





Here in the United States, Hasuji has continued to pursue music ceaselessly for the past three decades. She has performed the Classical Music of India known as Raga Sangeet (scientific, precise, subtle and aesthetic system of melodic notes accompanied with tremendous vitality on Tabla ) at various universities, performing art centers, music and sound healing conferences, world/jazz/country music festivals, radio/television stations, churches/temples, yoga ashrams, and with Indian Classical dance ensembles.

She shares her expertise and talents thru her music and workshops at SSF-IIIHS int'l conference, The World’s Longest Running Science and Spirituality Summit that brings together the world’s most brilliant and influential minds to foster well-being of mind, body and spirit. Some of her sharings are:

#The ancient wisdom of India: Music, yoga, Ayurveda, Food, Science and Spirituality

#The Healing Power of Ancient India's Vedic Music-the connection between the chakras and Vedic music, as well as the effects of this connection

#Mystical Power of Vedic Music of India : The Body and Mind Healer

Hasuji是作曲家、表演家和教育家,少數世界級的女性藝術家之一,以印度最受歡迎的弦樂器西塔琴演奏古典音樂。她以一種叫做Gayaki Ang(聲樂風格)的獨特曲風演奏西塔琴,琴聲複製了人聲的流暢性及細緻微妙的差別。這一創新技術,歸功於她的上師,西塔琴傳奇人物Ustad Imidad Khani Gharana,以及Vilayat Khan Sahib,這二位上師對她音樂的傳承具重要的貢獻。她一生致力於保存和傳播古印度的純粹古典音樂,引人入勝的古典音樂。

HASU PATEL, composer, performer and educator, is one of the few world-class female artists performing today Classical Music on sitar, the most popular string instrument of India. Hasu plays Sitar in a very special style known as Gayaki Ang (vocal style), where the sitar replicates the fluidity and subtle nuances of the human voice. This innovative technique, which is credited to her Guru, the Sitar legend Ustad Vilayat Khan Sahib of Imdad Khani Gharana, is the most significant contribution to her music inheritance. She has dedicated her life to preserving and propagating in its pristine purity, the fascinating, and highly evolved classical music of Ancient India.

2個晚上的內容將綜合SSF﹣IIIHS國際會議上分享的內容呈現給For YogArt的朋友們。

#場地Venu:For YogArt 士東路328號, NO.329 Shihdong Road., Tianmu

4/29(Sun)19:00pm-21:00pm-Chakra Yoga and Concert.
4/30(Mon)19:00pm-21:00pm-Chakra and Their Healing Properties.

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