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Line Maze

Event organized by Phoenix

Get Directions

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“What romantic terminology called genius or talent or inspiration is nothing other than
finding the right road empirically, following one’s nose, taking shortcuts.” -
Italo Calvino
Accuracy is as important as speed when it comes to line follower robots. Following
a single line with a few curves and loops seems to be an easy job but not every
robot stands up to the constraints that a single line imposes. The discipline of your
automatons are set to be tested when they enter the tracker arena on 13th-15th
April with hundreds of others that will race against time to bustle from “start” to
“finish” in the minimum possible time. A perfect blend of speed and accuracy is
the demand of the hour.
Teams have to build an autonomous robot which can follow a black line and keep track of
directions while going through the maze. The bot has to analyze the path in the dry run and has
to go through the maze from the starting point to the ending point in minimum possible time.

• A team may have a maximum of 4 members. A team may comprise members from different
• Higher secondary students pursuing graduation, students pursuing post-graduation in or after
2017 are ONLY allowed to participate in this event.
• Please present your college ID card at the registration desk when registering to participate.
• No person shall be a member of two teams.
• No two teams should participate with the same robot for this event.
• Adopting unfair means will lead to disqualification of the team.
• The right spirit of participation is expected from every participant.
• The decision of the coordinators will be final and binding upon any participants.
• Any or all of the rules are subject to change at any point of time.
• All teams will be given a calibration and trial time of 7 minutes ONLY before their run.
• The robot is to follow a white line on a black surface or a black line on a white surface or
maybe both, the width of the line being 3cm (at max) including 10% tolerance.
• The time of any run is measured from the time the robot starts moving from the point marked
“START” until the time it crosses the point marked “FINISH”. A robot is deemed to have
crossed the line when the forward most wheel, track-belt, or leg of the robot contacts or
crosses over the line.
• Maximum time limit for the robot to complete the arena is 4 minutes.
• Whenever a robot reaches a checkpoint (will be marked by a white or black line strip across
the line of length 9cm), it is supposed to indicate that with a suitable indicator (LED, Buzzer,
etc.), clearly noticeable to the judges. The indicator should stay ON for at least a second. This
indicator should be off all other times. Proper detection and indication of the checkpoints will
give bonus of 40 points. “FINISH” point needs to be treated by the robot as a checkpoint too.
•The participants should clearly describe how their robot detects and indicates the check point.
The coordinator needs to be notified about the position and the type of indicator beforehand.
•Each team is allowed only 1 run.
• A team can take a maximum of 2 TIMEOUTS of 2 min each. The robot will start from the last
checkpoint in case it takes a TIMEOUT. The teams can check the calibration and other
physical parts of the robot at this time. But programming the robot is NOT ALLOWED. A
penalty of 50 points will be imposed for each TIMEOUT taken.
• A team may take a maximum of 1 RESTART. The robot will start again from the “START” point
and the timer will be RESET. It will be considered as a NEW RUN.
The teams can check the calibration and other physical parts of the robot at this time.
But programming the robot is NOT ALLOWED. But teams taking a RESTART will
incur a penalty of 100 points.
• The robot NEEDS TO STOP at the “FINISH” point after the run is over
• The competition comprises multiple rounds. The rules and arena are subject to change in
further rounds.
• In any circumstances, the decision of the coordinators will be final.

1.Bot dimension must not exceed 25cm*25cm*25cm (tolerance of 10% is accepted for each
2. Bot must be started individually by only one switch. However a team may have onboard
switch for restart. This switch has to be shown to the organizer before the run. 3. Bot
must have a red LED which will glow once it reaches the end zone of the arena.
4. During the run, the autonomous bot must not damage the arena in any way. It is not allowed
to leave anything behind or make any marks while traversing the arena. Any bot found
damaging the arena will be immediately disqualified. The final decision is at the discretion of
the organizers.
5. Bot must have on board power supply.
6. When using the electric power supply, the potential difference between any 2 points must not
exceed 24 V at any point of time during the game.
7. The autonomous bot should not separate or split into two or more units. All bots/units which
are touching each other or are in the starting point will be considered as one bot.
8. Machine
cannot be constructed using readymade ‘Lego kits’ or any readymade mechanism. But they
can make use of readymade gear assemblies. Violating this clause will lead to disqualification
of the team.
9.The arena will have white surface with black line of width 2.5cm (approx.)
Round 1
The bot has to move from starting point to finish point in the minimum time traversing the path
including dead ends using appropriate algorithm. A team can have maximum of three reset and
one restart in this round.
Round 2
Once the bot reaches the finish point it will be placed at the starting point again and the bot has
to reach the finish point once more using the shortest path possible. In this round four resets
and two restarts are allowed.
250 Points will be awarded for reaching the finish point.
120 Points will be awarded for stopping at the finish point.
Penalty of 30 Points will be imposed for each resets.
Penalty of 70 Points will be imposed for each restart.
Rahul Kumar Sahu-8981587730
Rohit Kumar Sahu-9830079457