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The Crossing

Gallery EXIT
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HAN Bing
KAO Ya-Ting
Ivy MA
Guo-Liang TAN

The Crossing

29 March - 5 May 2018
Opening: Thursday, 29 March 2018, 2 - 6 pm
Gallery EXIT, 3/F, 25 Hing Wo Street, Tin Wan, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Hours: Tue - Sat, 11 am - 6 pm

To cross a threshold, is about a trace between intervals. It is about a space that is experienced through incision. Take for example the Tagli (cuts) of Lucio Fontana, a singular action blurs the distinction between two and three dimensionality. The resulting artwork is perceived as both painting and sculpture, image and object.

Painting occupies a territory between the imaginary and the illusionary, giving the spectator an impression to be interpreted, or not. We are interested in painters who work on such thresholds, fluidly crossing between dialectical and binary opposites, such as real and imaginary, sadness and joy, touch and sight, surface and depth, me and you, I and Thou. In a way, they show the myriad of possibilities and positions other than yes against no, right against wrong.

Robert GUTIERREZ (b.1972, Manila, Philippines) draws inspiration from traditional Philippines folk tales, his works blend complex imagery, spaces and texture into pictorial forms.

HAN Bing (b.1986, Shandong, China) depicts daily situations into abstract space. Her bold oil works experiment with imagery and invite viewers to travel in and out of the canvas façade. She received a MFA from the Parsons the New School for Design, New York, USA in 2013, and a BFA from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China in 2008.

Ivy MA (b. 1973, Hong Kong) develops a sensibility towards material, texture and light, her new monochrome paintings fixate on building intricate surfaces developed from a process based approach. She received her MA Degree of Feminist Theory and Practice in Visual Art, University of Leeds, UK in 2002, BA of Fine Arts (Painting) at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)/ The Art School, Hong Kong Arts Centre in 2001.

KAO Ya-Ting (b.1981, Taipei, Taiwan) uses vibrant fluorescent colours in her landscape paintings. Inspired by found imagery, her work explores historical identities and the conflict between man-made and natural sceneries. She received her MFA from the Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei in 2010.

Guo-Liang TAN (b.1980, Singapore) employs a luminous palette of soft hues on his paintings, the grid and shades composite the structure of the pictorial surface. He completed his MFA at Glasgow School of Art in 2015 and BA in Fine Art & Critical Studies at Goldsmiths College in 2003, London.

Hiro TSUCHIYA (b. 1987, Yamanashi, Japan) applies a selective colour palette in his paintings, exploring visible and unknown matter of the physical world. He received his MA and BFA at Tokyo Zokei University in 2016 and 2014 respectively.


地點:安全口畫廊 香港香港仔田灣興和街25號大生工業大廈3樓
辦公時間:星期二至六 上午11時至下午6時

要跨過門檻,就是在涉足的領域間隙中遊走,並從中找出切入點。例如 Lucio Fontana 的作品《割破的》,一個純粹的行為割破了畫的表面,模糊了二維和三維之間的間隙。以此創作的藝術品同時被界定為繪畫與雕塑,圖像與物體。


羅伯特·古提耶雷斯(b. 1972, 馬尼拉, 菲律賓)深受傳統菲律濱民間故事影響。他的作品揉合了錯綜複雜的景像,空間和質感。

韓冰(b.1986, 山東濰坊, 中國)善於將日常的狀態演繹成抽象的空間。她大膽,果敢的油畫作品是對影像具有實驗性的意味,是讓觀者進出於畫布的視覺體驗。她於2013年在美國紐約帕森斯藝術學院獲得藝術碩士,2008年畢業於中國北京中央美術學院油畫專業。

馬琼珠(b. 1973, 香港)的作品傾向感性的處理物料,質感和光。在全新的一系列單色調畫作中,她的作品著重創作過程,從而建構錯綜複雜的畫面。馬氏2002年於英國列茲大學就讀,取得 Feminist Theories and Practice in Visual Art 碩士學位,2001年獲澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學文學士(純藝術)學位。

高雅婷(b.1981, 台北, 台灣)的作品中,採用鮮豔、甚至螢光的色彩描繪自然的風景。受現成影像的啟發,她從影像中探索歷史特性,自然和人為的風景如何相互抵觸。高氏在2010年畢業於臺北藝術大學美術創作研究所取得藝術碩士。

陳國良(b. 1980, 新加坡)的油畫作品多運用明靜,柔和的色調,用多重層次的色塊和陰影建構出富有透明感的畫面。陳氏於2015年英國蘇格蘭格拉斯哥藝術學院獲得藝術碩士,在2013年倫敦大學金匠學院完成 Fine Art and Critical Studies 文學士學位。

土屋裕央(b.1987, 山梨縣, 日本)一直透過有限度的色域,在作品中探索並呈現現實世界中有形和不明的物質。2016年土屋畢業於東京造型大學藝術碩士,在2014年於同一所大學取得文學士學位。


Gallery EXIT