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Absolute Soul Retreat Level 4 & 5

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Absolute Soul - A Revolutionary, Non Dual Transcendental Meditation Practice for Direct Awakening

Level 3 & 4
Pre prerequisite - Read Absolute Soul Meditation book - level 1 and level 2.
You can do level 2 on Skype or by phone



Absolute Soul Meditation (ASM), a direct pathway to awakening and transcendental consciousness, is a completely contemporary approach to connecting with your higher self, for soul to soul connection and for spiritual development.

ASM is a simple meditative practice for directing the attention away from the ego mind to the source of conscious awareness, inner silence and presence.

As it is only ‘pointing’ attention away from stressful thoughts and beliefs, it is simply a pathway to the goal of attaining self-realisation or full conscious awakening. It is not associated with any spiritual path or religious organisation.

Absolute Soul Meditation is a guided practice that awakens and transcends the third, fourth and fifth dimensions of consciousness:

• The Physical aspect of the Self as soul consciousness awakens as the expression of love and compassion for itself and humanity.
• The Cosmic aspect of the Self as soul consciousness awakens as universal intelligence and the creative force of grandeur and magnificence.
• The Pure Infinite source of Self as soul consciousness awakens as radiant divine bliss, the ground of being, the highest source of pure eternal emptiness and Is-ness.
• And the full integration and unification of all dimensions as One non dual reality.

Absolute Soul is founded on a transcendental meditation system in 4 Levels with 4 Parts .

The first four parts are pure expressions of unconditional love, that gently but rapidly take the mind beyond the constant chatter of the intellect, into the direct experience of love-consciousness.

They are extremely powerful, but at the same time very simple, easy to learn and to use. Absolute Soul is so much more than just a meditation practice, it heals the mind , body and soul at the deepest core level of existence.

The Absolute Soul system heals subconscious and cellular trauma created from human conditioning and collective (un) consciousness.

The Absolute Soul System directs awareness inward to observe the mind and inner and outer distractions and effortlessly brings the mind within to the source of all thought, the state of pure Being or pure consciousness.

Thoughts are then gently and skillfully disengaged to experience inner peace. Sacred Soul is authentically and naturally guided with no 'special' inductions. Its is a simple, practical and safe self administered practice of mindful awareness and relaxation technique that can be used at anytime and anyplace!

The Absolute Soul Meditation System brings awareness directly into the experience of love-consciousness, every time we meditate.

Love-consciousness is the unconditional love within all beings, an experience that keeps expanding when we dive deep within ourselves. It is not strange or ethereal, but something very concrete and natural.

By focusing on this experience when using this practice, it begins to permeate every aspect of our lives. When our inner state no longer depends on the external world around us, we find true freedom, letting go of the need to control or manipulate our surroundings in order to be happy.

Your thoughts and beliefs about who you are and what life is all about creates your reality. You can choose a life of conflict and suffering or eternal peace and infinate love.The Absolute Soul System is practiced in Silence and is an effortless and easy way to direct awareness deep within to the experience of pure Being, pure bliss and pure creative potentiality.

The Absolute Soul system allows your awareness to drop beneath the stream of thought accessing the ground of your own silent BEing, the most powerful state of healing through pure awareness – transcendental consciousness.

Absolute Soul System is grounded in the manifesting AND healing POWER and phenomenon of the principles of the "I AM" philosophy and determines a life of love , freedom and joy

The Absolute Soul system uses highly developed transcendental methods of establishing mental silence - by means of presence and awareness. "Absolute Soul" is a series of evolutionary practices which have been researched by trans-personal psychotherapists , doctors and psychologists.

They are a course of effortless mindful awareness techniques that allows you to move beyond the chaos of the mind, into a direct experience of inner peace.

Absolute Soul invites us to learn how established and positive relationship and understanding to our thoughts and programmed habits through the positive human affirmation.

The identification/addiction and engagement to these incessant thoughts and habits consistently block the awareness to the experience of our limitless, pure and true Self.

The Absolute Soul System simply helps you introduce a new thought into the sea of thoughts already chattering in the mind. This process begins to turn the thinking mind around into a new direction (inward) and causes it to think at deeper levels which quietens the mind and brings the left and right brains into more of a coherence.

By quitening the mind into a more direct , one pointed focused thinking , you can learn to move into a deep peaceful rest freeing the whole body of stress , anxiety, conflict or pain and into a state of natural ease.

How does it work?

Level ONE - Weekend Retreat

Part 1.
Effortlessly brings awareness back to the present moment, healing our subjective, or inner, experience of life. It allows anyone, at any time to begin to let go of the limiting habits of judgment and condemnation, and reclaim their innerpeace

Part 2.
Heals the beliefs and judgments we have around our relationship with the objective, or outside, experience; meaning our bodies, and the world around us. As the judgments we hold in these areas naturally dissolve through practice, we are reconnected with the world as it is, rather than the world as we perceive it to be.

Part 3.
Heals our relationship to the source of Love. Whilever there is still a sense of separation from true Love, there is the possibility of suffering and pain. The judgments we hold in this area, even if not conscious, create experiences of beliefs in separation, automatically reality becomes clear. Love is the very presence of one’s own being. One begins to directly experience the most fundamental of all truths; that you have never been, nor will you ever be, separate from the source of All That Is.

Part 4.
Based on compassion, this technique is the handmaiden of expanding awareness. It is the natural by-product of a life aligned with parts 1,2 & 3. As one’s consciousness naturally expands through practice , Compassion effortlessly replaces judgment, initially with oneself, and ultimately with all of creation. This technique births this experience and heals our relationship with the rest of humanity.
Absolute Soul Retreat - Level 1 & 2 March 2018 - Galong NSW ( 15mins from Yass)

Level 2

Posture five - begins to awaken the higher function of ones cosmic consciousness which surrounds and permeates our universe. It is also a powerful tool for the development of the highest degree of human enlightenment, Unity Consciousness.

Posture six - is designed to facilitate the movement of Awareness, so vital for the development of Unity. It is designed to remove the last of the separation between the individual and the Universe. Part two of ASM creates a refined level of witnessing, the hallmark of perpetual consciousness, and assists in the development of the celestial perception of exalted consciousness.

Posture seven - directs awareness to Universal Conscious Awareness. The See-er of creation, the driving impulse of the cosmos. When consciousness is focused on the Universal Intelligence it is free from the limitations of humanistic limitations and suffering.

Posture eight - establishes peace with all of relative creation, thereby further stabilizing harmlessness. It also has the effect of confirming the most important relationship of the individual with the Source of All that Is: the limited self surrenders to the Infinite. This posture has the effect of stabilizing the only correct relationship with the True Nature of Being; this naturally results in a much faster rate of progress.

LEVEL 3 & 4
Postures Nine to Sixteen of Levels Three and Four of ASM are postures that stabilise direct communion with the pure infinite source of divinity and are the applications for mastery and enlightenment.


Cost :
$650 share bathroom
$150 - non refundable deposit

Spiritual Centre - Galong NSW 1 hour drive from Canberra , 3 hour drive from Sydney just off Burley Griffin Way between Yass and Harden NSW.
Our beautiful Retreat Centre has a rich and colourful history dating back to the 1830’s which today has been transformed into a contemporary, well resourced retreat and conference centre set on 800 acres in a tranquil, picturesque setting. Conducive to reflection, meditation and study it has recently been refurbished with modern, air conditioned facilities. It has a peaceful ambience that will meet the needs of awakening of all spiritual seekers and those who return for deeper immersion and activation with Robyn and her teachings.

2- Nights SINGLE private airconditioned , modern ensuite room accomodation
2- Healthy Homemade Breakfast - Lunch & Dinners ( + morning and afternoon suppers)
3 Days Workshops & Meditation etc.
Sacred ground tours for deep reflection & meditation

"Thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty of living."
Working with Robyn enabled me to uncover things that were hidden deep inside me that needed to be brought out into the light of day. I had no idea that the transformative energies she invoked would affect me so profoundly!"

Since joining, Robyn’s programs and retreats each day now is so refreshing and clear.
I am finally having a calm outlook on everything, which is making life pleasant and enjoyable.
Thanks for helping me 'get back up' after what was a hard year for me personally, emotionally and mentally.
I feel positive and excited about my new direction in life.

I first began studying with Robyn 8 years ago. In this time, life has been the most magnificent journey that words alone cannot explain. The profound transformation that has taken place for me over these years has led to a life of total inner peace, true harmony, and a seamless infinite flow of love and joy. Gratitude and Grace fill every moment, breath and step that I take as my mind hears only the ‘voice’ for love in which Robyn has guided me so graciously to experience. I came as a ‘seeker’ of the truth, and here the truth was found. No more do I seek, but rest and bathe in the presence, bliss and oneness with “source” - the Universal Mind of Love. Tania NSW

I highly recommend the Robyns programs and retreats to those who are ‘ready’ to complete the journey, totally, finally, wholly and completely. Where all there is left to do….Is celebrate!! Pat

When we are truly inspired, something within has been touched, stirred, set free. Inspiration lifts up the heart, giving us new life. We are excited by possibilities beyond the limits we have imposed on self. Robyns teachings are that kind of inspiration. It pierces the blocks to Love, and awakens the creative Source within. It is as deep as any spiritual study I have ever encountered, and beautifully presented. It is as sweet as the love of God Itself. I am so grateful to Robyn for these teachings and feel enriched by the gift it inspires in me.
Claire – Byron Bay

I want you to know how deeply touched I continue to be by the enormous sacrifice you make, the beauty of the guidance and wisdom that comes through you, the surrender with which you greet life, and, most of all, the stunning vulnerability you embody as a teacher, lover, shaman, and friend - it is gorgeous, powerful and present in you, unlike anyone I have ever known.

The profound transformation that has taken place for me over these years has led to a life of total inner peace, true harmony, and a seamless infinite flow of love and joy. Gratitude and Grace fill every moment, breath and step that I take as my mind hears only the ‘voice’ for love in which Robyn has guided me so graciously to experience. Carol - Sydney

I came to Robyn as a ‘seeker’ of the truth, and here the truth was found. No more do I seek, but rest and bathe in the presence, bliss and oneness with “source” - the Universal Mind of Love.
Deborah - Sydney

"Robyn has helped change my life forever…words can not express my respect, love and gratitude for her wisdom, authenticity and fun. Her teachings are profound and never been heard before in Australia. I recommend everyone join in her message of evolutionary spiritual awakening to help heal and raise the consciousness on our earth." Elvera - Central Coast

"For me, Absolute Soul has been the culmination of a long spiritual search. It is the most simple and effective method that takes me right away to recognize and experience the quiet and eternal space that connects me with everything that is." - Joanna , Newcastle

"I was a 40 year old successful business woman will all I could ever want. I felt my life was complete – but I just wasn’t content. I just knew there was something “more” to life than I was experiencing. When I found Robyn and Absolute Soul, I knew I’d found it. My dream desire for absolute peace and contentment has been fulfilled. NOW, I am complete!" - Wainoni - Newcastle

Robyns "Absolute Soul System" has helped me to see clearly the limitations of the mind and has provided the tools to transcend those limitations. I am now experiencing a peace and freedom that a part of me always knew existed. I am eternally grateful!" - Adam - Central Coast

"Since last weekends retreat its been like a boost.. a charge of dynamite has gone off..i cannot wipe the smile of my face..
Happiness... its an amazing thing 😁😁
Robyn and her work is upmost brilliant, talented yet simple and amazing at the same time!
I am no longer stuck or a product of my trauma and fear.
I suddenly feel free for the first time in my life." Leanne - Wagga Teacher