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Dungeons & Dragons beginnersgroep

Game Factory
Event organized by Game Factory

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Host: Johan
Elke zondag van 13.00 tot 17.00 uur
Entree: 4 euro (inclusief een drankje in de pauze)

It has been 11 years since ships left from Arothran to find unexplored land. After 2 years finally a ship from the expidition had returned with a message, that they found a new continent wich they named Pheoseria. After the message arrived new spread fast about Pheoseria. There were also many rumors, about rare minerals and about the strange landscapes.

Thanks to the rumors many folk left Arothran to set sail for Pheoseria. Some countries even send their armies to "help the settlers with maintaining peace". It didn't took long for several rumors and news to spread about ghost towns and silent city streets in Arothran.

About 7 months ago news spread about various problems in Arothran and Pheoseria:

In Pheoseria there are several rumors about cults that are forming. Nobody knows what they might be worshipping. But that is not the only problem there. The armies that were send from the countries in Arothran are also fighting against each other.

In Arothran orcs clans, goblin tribes,etc. are slowly increasing there numbers and territory. There are also reports about them figthing for territory putting and that they are sending raiding groups to places where still people live. There are also sightings of creatures that were long forgotten.

That's is where you come in adventurers. To help the people in Arothran and Pheoseria. Wether you do it for gold or glory it doesn't matter.

Voor wie: beginnende spelers

Benodigheden: dobbelstenen, pen en papier


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