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40k Narrative Night 4


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Here comes 40K Narrative night!

Every other week, we'll be hosting a special Narrative Night for Warhammer 40,000. We'll post up the game information, and all you need to do is come in and have some fun with your miniatures!

For this night, we're focusing on the Crucible of War mission, "Sabotage" (page 204 of the 40k Rulebook).

War rages across the Stygius Sector, the Imperium beset on all sides by the forces of Chaos. Ever the opportunists, xenos have harried Imperial and Chaos forces alike, striking at weak points and critical locations.

The foe has taken control of the main city sprawl of Hive Celestia, operating from a well defended base, hoarding valuable resources. Your mission is to bring down their level of the Hive burying them in spite of their victory. Plant the explosives on the main support pillar beneath their base without alerting the enemy and your cunning will win the day... Raise the alarms and your doom is assured!

For this mission, players should plan two lists, both a defender and an attacker list. These are intended to be infantry heavy with little to no monster support since neither can attempt to sabotage the objective!

The Attacker must be careful not to raise the alarm too early, or they will face an escalating number of foes who are drawn to the droning klaxon call of attack.

What you need to bring are the miniatures you wish to play with (remember, this is not matched play, so bring anything and everything you want to play with, but keep in mind the games should only last 90-120 minutes). Then, bring everything you require to play with them! Dice, measuring tapes, indexes or codexes, your rulebook, etc.

Sign up here or in store, and we'll reserve a table for you in advance.