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Eat Slay Love Voguing Ball + Screening “Madonna: Truth or Dare"

Event organized by Gartenbaukino

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Eat Slay Love is back for the third time - in full effect! PLENVM Ninja, together with Wiktoria Pelzer and the House of Butter, are doing it up for this year’s premiere Voguing event in Vienna.

At 9 p.m. the Gartenbaukino is screening “MADONNA: TRUTH OR DARE ” for one night only, exclusively during the ESL festival. Following the life of Madonna and her dancers (José Xtravaganza a.o.) on tour, the documentary has not been shown in Vienna for over a century, and created a huge controversy upon its release. This is your one and only chance to see it on the big screen!!

Following the movie, the showdown continues in the Gartenbaukino Foyer. With six categories, and three judges lined up, this Eat Slay Love is gonna be one hell of a show! And for all of you who prefer Lordi over Madge - you’ll have plenty of time to see the Eurovision final AND the ball, so go get your tickets!

** RULES **
- All performers walk with their House name or 007. Kiki House affiliations are not relevant for this function.
- If you end up in the final with a member of your House, it is considered a win, but we will “do it in the House” without an ensuing judge decision.
- Please respect what category you can and cannot walk. This is how ballroom grows and develops properly.
- In Old Way, ‘Locking’ (trying to trap the opponent by dancing in contact) is allowed. Your movements should not compromise the safety of another dancer, the spectators, or the judges.


💃VIRGIN VOGUE: Little Red, Riding Hood 🍒
This is the category for Vogue beginners. Show us that you’re ready to pop that cherry!
Open to: Virgins, Virgin 007’s (anybody who has been walking for less than a year and isn’t in a House)
Serve your look with one or more garments of the color Red. Contrast it with accessories in another color of your choice.

👯‍♂️TAG TEAM RUNWAY: Model & Designer 👯‍♀️
Paris, New York, Milan - you’re a celebrated designer in the fashion world, and you’ve brought your favorite muse to the catwalk to let everybody know that you’re gonna be on top, while everyone gets the chop. Hi-Yah!
Open to: BQ, FQ, MF, FF, Drag
Make sure your look is distinguished and it is clear who’s the designer (more reduced, sophisticated look, European or All-American Walk) and who’s the model (elevated Runway look, BQ or FF). Once you’ve picked a walk, stick with it. For your Tens, both of you walk at the same time. For the battles, it will be two battles every round (Battle of the Designers and Battle of the Models).

👠OLD WAY: Madonna, revisited 👘
Madonna has served decades and decades of iconic looks. We’re not asking for imitation - if you walk this category, we want to see how Madonna’s changing image has inspired your look!
Open to: All
Whatever you do - make it tasty and creative. No costume shop wigs ;)
While you can be dressed up as Madonna, you don’t have to be in order to meet the requirements.

🧖‍♂️NEW WAY Face w/ Performance: Truth Or Dare 💅
A classic ballroom category, “Face with Performance” requires you to serve the New Way and your face at the same time. Battles will be regular New Way Performance.
Open to: All
Are you brave enough to serve us TRUTH? Bare face, reduced colors, no prints. Think street style chic.
You DARE to take a risk? Then give us a look with out-of-the-box make-up and hair, and an outfit to match. Think Couture Fashion.
NOTE: it’s either/or, no in-betweens. Meeting the category requirements is essential in getting your tens!

👗BEST DRESSED w/ Performance 🔫
This category is all about your look and how you wear it. This is a performance, NOT a dance category, meaning: there will be music playing, but it is not required for you to be on beat. Whatever makes you look the very best!
Open to: All
For your Tens, serve the look with an Effect: a prop, a reveal, or… ? Surprise us with your ideas!

👬VOGUE FEM: Twisters and FF 👭
Twist is a long-standing category in ballroom: traditionally, you start out serving Realness (appearing as a straight man) before you switch to Vogue Fem. For your Tens, you will have 20-30 seconds of any type of (non-Ballroom) music before the music, and your dancing, switches.
Open to: BQ
FF: Female Figure includes all Women's Performance. In order for you to "twist", you will have to present as super butch, before the beat switches up and you get cvnt!!
Open to: FF, FQ

Dress down! Make us believe you accidentally stumbled into the function before you tear the house up. Being able to “pass” (appearing as straight) is a game that many homosexual men know how to play very well. If you are uncomfortable with this idea or don’t understand where it comes from, this is not your category. Otherwise: happy twisting!!