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1500pt 40k Tournament at GG Town Hall!

Good Games Town Hall
Event organized by Good Games Town Hall

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In the grim darkness of the 41st millenium there is only war, tabletop war!
Come join us for some gaming fun as we delve into the Dark Milenium!
Cost: $20
Registration: 10am
Round one kick-off: 10.30am
Player cap: 20
3 135 -minute rounds. Swiss pairings.
Forces: 1500pts
You must organise your list into a Battle-Forged Army. In this Battle-Forged Army, you may not select more than 3 Detachments and must not spend more than 1500 points.

### For this tournament we are trialling the option to field Forge World and Lords of War. Be cool, guys and this might become a regular thing ;) ####
## No Ynnari. Sorry, just no. ##
If a unit is available in an Index and NOT a Codex, you ARE ALLOWED to use the Index unit.
E.g., Codex: Space Marines does not have the option for a Razorback to be equipped with a Lascannon and Twin Plasma Gun, where as the Imperial Index: 1 has this option. You are, therefore, allowed to field the Index Razorback if you wish.
In ALL OTHER RESPECTS, Codex point values and options take precedent, along with any relevant and up to date FAQs.
Warlord traits and psychic powers are allowed to be chosen.
No Forgeworld units (We will have other tournaments where they can join the fun, don't worry :) )
Tables: 6'x4'
Force-lists are ARE required on the day and we will be checking them at the start and we WILL requesting list redos if necessary to make the lists more beginner friendly. To save time and potential embarassment on the day, you can email lists to: townhall@goodgames.com.au
Matches: Scenarios will be announced one week out from the tournament and will cover the range of scenario types.
*The Matched play updates WILL be used!*
You can find the rules updates here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/09/new-matched-play-rules-in-chapter-approved-aug-9gw-homepage-post-1/
While Sportsmanship will not contribute to your overall score, there will be a prize for being a top sportsman. A secret vote will be taken at the end of round 3 and will be of equal size to first place.

Prizes: Store credit for top places, depending on numbers.

This tournament is definitely designed to be open to all skill levels. Lists WILL need to be resubmitted if deemed too 'hard'. Come join us and have some fun getting to grips with the Grim Darkness in a light, tournament environment :)