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WHAT THE F*KE! | How to Fake News for False Starters


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COURSE. We're so excited by your contributions during the previous GUILDHALL that we are not only going to have 1, but 4 sessions with the first one on 3 May in commemoration of World Press Freedom Day. Over 4 sessions, we will also learn principles from influential experts like Dr Martin Luther King, Dr Robert Cialdini, Dr Octopus, Dr Strange, Dr Donald Trump & Dr Seuss. Click ‘Interested’ for updates 👍🏼

INCOME OPPORTUNITY. On 1 April, we announced: "We genuinely want to help you." Unemployed journalists, stay-at-home dads & off-duty counselors have been making money on the side. And several have made $1000s in ad sales and we're not talking Bitcoin ;) If the Online Falsehood economy was to be a person, it would be one with high SES*. Cool right!

Follow our WTF system in writing fake news and you'll be on your way towards earning your first $1000 and getting your first 1000 followers to become a microinfluencer on Instagram <3 Depending on the season, several ministries have budget set aside for you too!

We've always heard the metaphor: "The pen is the mightier than the sword." Sure or not? Don't worry k.. We will use proven tried and tested methods previously used by governments to distract their citizens into supporting wars like World War 2, Vietnam War and even the recent war in Iraq to find the non-existent 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'. And yes, like swords, words can kill too. Corporations use them too to convince you that drinking, eating and buying their products can help you cure cancer. Others use them to prove that the Earth is flat or climate change is as real as water freezes at 100 degrees Celcius.

Guess what? These tools are now no longer exclusive to the larger powers that be. You too can use them to spread your ideas, exercise your creativity and imagination, make money along the way. Why not!

In return for your kindness liking our page, clicking 'Interested' and sharing with your friends and kakis, we will also be playing tabletop games and mind games too.

Inspired by our nation's Select Committee to always uphold the truth and nothing but truth, we shall also learn how people may detect falsehoods like our noses can detect temperature and our ears can detect the smell of a scumbag and a liar. We must be like our founding father, Lee Kuan Yew: not only must you tell the truth, you must work towards achieving telling HARD truths. With this, we will look at how we can measure HARDNESS in what we say.

Be a perpetrator of truth because truth always prevails! Stay tuned :)

*According to non-MOE experts, SES means Socio Economic Status.

#MakeItTillYouFakeIt #FakeNews #thepenismightierthanthesword