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Yogini~Priestess Path

The Goddess House of Yoga
Event organized by The Goddess House of Yoga

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Hello Universe and Welcome to the Yogini-Priestess Path.
A Triple Moon Intensive.
Co-Creating a Tribe of Women that are both Spiritually and Physically Strong.

April 15th-July 8th.

Tuition: $157/month for 3 months or $399 upfront by first new moon.

New Moon Meeting dates (in person)
Sunday April 15th, 2-4pm
Saturday May 12th, 2-4pm
Sunday June 10th, 2-4pm.

Weekly Group Calls Thursday’s 12pm

2 Online Modules per month in downloadable webinars. Available monthly on the new moon.

How the triple moon flows:
we will be working with the Triple Goddess tradition. Flowing with the 3 main archetypes of the Divine Feminine. The Maiden, Mother and Wise Woman.

April Lunar Cycle- Heal and Reconnect to your Maiden Goddess within. Regardless of age or stature we all have a Maiden within who wants to play, have fun and be in nature. She is the excitement for life.

May Lunar Cycle - Heal and Reconnect to your Mother Goddess within. The Creatrix. Emotionally, Sexually and Spiritually Fulfilled.

June Lunar Cycle - Heal and Reconnect to your Wise Woman within. This is the Alchemy. The transformation of dark to light. The Embodied Wisdom of the Maiden and Mother.

Example Month:
Week 1: New Moon in person meeting
Week 2: Online webinar (prerecorded) and Thursday group call at noon
Week 3: Online webinar (prerecorded) and Thursday group call at noon
Week 4: Integration/shadow work. Thursday group call at noon.

*Plus your individual Daily spiritual practice and regular yoga practice.

Click here to to register!

This program certifies You as a Yogini Priestess of the Goddess House and prepares you to lead your own chapter of Ritual Sisters. A sacred circle of women that meet monthly. In 2020 we will combine our circles creating the largest Goddess Festival in the Country!

A Yogini~Priestess is a Woman fully empowered on her journey to Oneness & Healing. She is Sensual & Mystical. She is connected to the Moon, the Seasons, Earth & the Cosmos. A Yogini~Priestess is Confident and Powerful. There are no limits to what she can manifest. She is a channel for the Divine Feminine. And as such, she Loves and Adores the Masculine…(or partner of choice) and has the openness to receive Love & Adoration right back. She is here to Heal herself & Activate others.

Our mission is to Heal ourSelves, than those we Love and than the World.

At the end of the program expect to understand & embody the Divine Feminine on a deeper, more powerful level. Gain an understanding of the triple goddess and when/how to channel the Maiden, Mother, or Wise Woman to maximize your human potential. Be in flow with the moon phases and seasons to powerize manifestations and everything that you create and do! Become a solid leader of ritual & meditation for others. Completion of the course grants you use of the Ritual Sisters name to start your own womens circle. With the option to participate in larger gatherings and combine circles for holidays, feasts and our #2020Vision. By signing up for YPP you become a ground floor member of this revolutionary movement.

Love you,
Nicole Ballantyne
The Matron and Creator of the Goddess House.

Feel free to reach out with questions 602-904-2317. Thegoddesshouse.yoga@gmail.com.



About Nicole 👸🏼🦋
Nicole Ballantyne is creating a powerful culture for Women to Rise up and Heal. Through unique retreat opportunities and Goddess based teachings and workshops students can expect to leave her events as changed Humans. More Connected, Aware and in Love with life. Students gain Empowerment and Clarity about who they are and where they are headed.
Nicole is the Matron and Creator of the Goddess House of Yoga. The Goddess House is an old world concept flowing through her similar to the ancient House of Maidens in Arthurian Times. A Sacred House where women were initiated and trained as Priestesses. Nicole lives in the Goddess House (in central Phoenix) with her fluffy German Shepherd, Sierra Nevada and her black kitten Midnight. As Matron she runs Ritual Sisters, a Sacred Women’s Circle, that provides Support and Sisterhood for women who are ready to Release, Heal and Rise above the drama and trauma of the past to find a new way of living fully.
Nicole also created the Yogini-Priestess Path, a Triple Moon Intensive, to help all women understand and embody the Divine Feminine. Through the YPP program, women can expect to gain the tools necessary to create a Higher State of Being. A Yogini-Priestess knows and flows with all 8 phases of the Moon, the Cosmos and the Seasons. She is the Maiden, Mother, Wise Woman in One. The Holy Trinity of the Divine Feminine. Both Saintly and Sexual.
Part of Nicole’s mission is to activate other Leaders, and YPP students can expect to be ready to lead their own chapter of Ritual Sisters if they’ll called to upon completion of the 3 month program. In 2020, She is planning to unite the different chapters/circles of Ritual Sisters forming a Goddess Festival and Celebration of the Rising Feminine.
Nicole resigned from being a registered nurse 3 years ago to dedicate her time and energy to her Soul Purpose of healing the world through yoga, spirituality and the Rising Feminine. She has taken a personal oath as a protector of women and nature and bares this oath as a bow and arrow tattooed on her Heart. She is the Mother of 2 astonishing daughters. That are so Amazing and Wise. Tatum 20yo and Alana 18.
In her spare time she likes to hike and adventure in nature. Camp and backpack with her friends. She practices Vinyasa Yoga 6 days a week and loves to be upside down. She likes to drum, dance, chant and sing. And most of all be silly.
She is here to remind women of their unlimited Potential and the Power that is formed through community and sisterhood.