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MtG: Modern Nights in April

Imaginary Wars
Event organized by Imaginary Wars

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Come down and play Modern-Format Magic the Gathering on Tuesday nights!

To keep things casual (and encourage new players to show up) , we ask that participants NOT bring top tier or decks built to win in under 4 turns--and people have been doing exactly that, making this a great night for newer players!

(But you still *must* know the basics of playing MtG to participate!)

DAYS: Every Tuesday in April
START TIME: 6:00pm
PRIZING: older foils (for now, but if this takes off, we'll be looking at how we can sweeten the pot a bit!)

For those not in the know, Modern is the Magic format that allows cards that were printed as far back as 2003!

Link to sets allowed and banned cards:

If you don't feel like clicking on the link and just want to know if your cards are usable for Tuesday evenings, here's all the sets whose cards are usable in Modern Magic:

Rivals of Ixalan
Hour of Devastation + Amonkhet
Aether Revolt + Kaladesh
Eldritch Moon + Shadows over Innistrad
Oath of the Gatewatch + Battle for Zendikar
Magic Origins
Dragons of Tarkir + Fate Reforged + Khans of Tarkir
Magic 2015
Journey into Nyx + Born of the Gods + Theros
Magic 2014
Dragon's Maze + Gatecrash + Return to Ravnica
Magic 2013
Avacyn Restored + Dark Ascension + Innistrad
Magic 2012
New Phyrexia + Mirrodin Besieged + Scars of Mirrodin
Magic 2011
Rise of the Eldrazi + Worldwake + Zendikar
Magic 2010
Alara Reborn + Conflux +Shards of Alara
Eventide + Shadowmoor
Morningtide + Lorwyn
Tenth Edition
Future Sight + Planar Chaos + Time Spiral
Dissension + Guildpact + Ravnica: City of Guilds
Ninth Edition
Kamigawa: Saviors of... + Betrayers of... + Champions of...
Eighth Edition
Fifth Dawn