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Inner Sanctum Collectibles RPG Evening

Inner Sanctum Collectibles
Event organized by Inner Sanctum Collectibles

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A list of the active campaigns and the DM running the event has been posted below. Most of the sessions are full but new players are welcome, contact the ISC RPG group on Facebook or via the store. More details will be added as well as spaces available.


email: sales@innersanctumcollectibles.com

Current price per session has risen to £3.00 as of the 2nd October 2017

Laura Petchey – D&D 4 Bi-Weekly

Lizzie Barns – Tea, Trouble & Tribulations Bi-Weekly
• Home brew system. Lots of D6. If you're not rolling handfuls of dice where's the fun?
• Victorian Era London is the setting though with a decidedly Steampunk twist. 1840 but this is not going to be a game of historical accuracy.
• While it the Victorian Era with Steampunk it's a magically enhanced industrial revolution. So Science has taken a bit of a back seat to Magic. You can be a Vampire, Were-Something (Though wolves are the most common Weres I'll allow most things within reason.) Mages (Fire, Earth, Water, and Air are the four schools of Magic) or a regular Human.

J.J. Millership – Fading Suns Bi-Weekly

David Sansom – D&D 5E Weekly
• Out of the Abyss, D&D 5th Edition
• A campaign by Wizards of the Coast adventuring into the Underdark. Slightly modified from the off-the-shelf version, I'm running this as a continuation from my previous campaign so starting level will be 5th rather than 1st.
• Maximum numbers of players is going to be 8, with 6 places already taken.

Jon Evans – Exalted Bi-Weekly

Ceredig Cattanach-Chell – D&D 5E Weekly
• Name of Campaign: "Finding your hidden depths": D&D 5e
• A group of brand new adventurers discover their lust for exploration and heroism. They embark to support a small village, where strange things have been happening. It does seem, however, that someone is definitely trying to stop them from doing this and may even be out to kill them!
• Player Start Level: Level 1

Baron Bradley Shenanigan – D&D 5E Campaign