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OrgasMic Birth- Body, Mind & Spirit Birth Education Weekend

Isis Hypnobirthing & Yoga
Event organized by Isis Hypnobirthing & Yoga

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Body-Mind-Spirit Birth Education

Join Ayala Elisha, the founder of “ Mother’s Birth”, for this most extraordinary 2-day birth education process.
Exploring the core principles of birth at the context of all the mother’s parts, we will delve into the the primal knowledge of birth, bringing into the light its multifaceted dimensions.
We will go far and deep, investigating the connection between sexuality and spirituality to birth. It is called for not only because of the physical organs in which these events occur. There is a fundamental relation between the two experiences. The deep connection of a woman to her Yoni, to the physical and energetic act of making love, and to the creation, we discover how these interwoven aspects enables a significant occurrence at birth.

Although still considered rare and revolutionary nowadays, birth as a sexual spiritual wholesome transforming experience is available to every woman wherever she is, as the nature of birth is an orgasmic one.
Orgasmic birth is a natural happening when the sexual field is clear and when the emotional and spiritual process are not interfered neither by the surrounding nor by the mother’s fears and mind.
Ever since women sexuality has been repressed, the essence of birth is repressed as well. As women and birth professionals our mission is to bring back birth to its natural state of celebration of life, as it is the most sacred ceremony, the deepest initiation a women can go through and one of the most healing potential events of life

Approach pregnancy, birth and motherhood with this complete holistic perspective.
On this weekend transformational workshop we will explore the different aspects of orgasmic birth through taking a close look at the spiritual and emotional aspects of the birthing mother. Receive essential information and the birth education needed to support a mother to her orgasmic birth, and through the healing and preventing of birth trauma as part of the process. Practice series of body, mind and spirit exercises and learn varied tools of self observation and self healing. Tap into this knowledge available for a cultivation of one’s own response ability to make choices out of power and inner wisdom, creating a peaceful and meaningful life and motherhood.

The spiritual process of pregnancy and birth
The emotional body and the mind’s process of pregnancy and birth
The receptivity of a birthing mom
The spiritual gates of birth
The manifestation of bodily sensations at body-mind-spirit experience
The principles of Orgasmic birth

Birth art therapy
The “M” meditation
NVC with the unborn child
Wholeness of motherhood
Yoga and Nourishment of body-mind-spirit
Oxytocin bathing
Sensuality of birth
Authentic movement
Birth dreaming
Birth Journeying
Yoni speech and healing

Ayala Elisha is a birth Mind & body researcher of birth, a birth educator and a Doula by the Israeli Birth Education Institute.
Ayala is a group leader since 1992 and has been supporting and teaching women, couples and birth professionals in the process of pregnancy, childbirth or parenthood since 2001. She is a facilitator of “The Work “of Byron Katie”, a shamanic healer and a planetary healer, as well as a facilitator of sexual shamanism ceremonies.
Ayala background is rooted at Anthroposophy and Tibetan Buddhism. She is a passionate and creative facilitator and brings ancient knowledge of birth and motherhood to the modern birth world.

Isis HypnoBirthing & Yoga Studio
Henrick De Keijserst.27, 1073TG, Amsterdam
Early Bird (until May 10th 2018): €385 inc.
Full fee: €485 inc
For more details, questions and registration please contact Inbal Sigler at inbal@isishypnobirthing.nl + 31 (0) 685365403