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Elemental Warrior Lilydale

JING Healthcare
Event organized by JING Healthcare

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The Elemental Warrior Programme 5 week Series is coming to Lilydale!!!

"Change your Energy, Change your Life"

For Resilience, Health, Vitality & Wellbeing

We are now taking enrolments for the next 5 week series of classes to be held at Jing Healthcare Centre in Lilydale

Each week there will be a 90 min Sunday Class from 11:30

The Address is Jing Health Centre Unit 1, 212 Main Street, Lilydale, Victoria 3140

Shamanic Energy Training is a unique class that blends energy healing modalities (chi kung, kinesiology, core shamanism, and others) to balance the body, mind and spirit.

This class provides a system for you to gain greater access to consciousness and energy and supports you to step into a new destiny. The class acts as an energy “enhancer” for what is occurring in your life. Students who put in the work experience profound shifts, greater synchronicity and an increase in emotional resiliency. The course has been designed to help you develop a strong energetic core for shamanic work.

We begin by cultivating your inner power and finish in a deeply nurturing space. You will also be working with a different element each week to enhance your elemental nature.

Mastering your lower Dan Tien will result in deeper resilience, stepping into your own Power, and the ability to hold your own energetic space. This class will give you the tools that you need to hold your own space. The Warrior Training, therefore focuses on physical health, the lower Dan Tien, the lower chakras, with a particular focus on developing the “watcher’s consciousness”

The Class

Chi Kung / Ki Gong exercises (meridian tapping, meridian stretching)
Chakra Balancing Postures
Energy Meditation
Relaxation and Visualisation Techniques
Taoist Tea Ceremony to finish the class

An energy training class is invigorating, fun, accessible, but most of all, effective. Classes can help you experience the “feeling” of your body’s own natural energy. Regular attendance will help to improve a great variety of health conditions, and create an enhanced sense of well-being and satisfaction with life.

The benefits of Energy Training depend a lot on your condition and your commitment to the training. Some benefits are relatively easy to attain, while others take more dedication and work. I am here to support you on your journey.

Through diligent practice of Energy Training we are able to cultivate our Ki energy to develop a stronger energetic core and Spirit. Our Ki can then flow freely through the body, strengthening areas of weakness and reinforcing areas of strength, providing a defence against environmental toxicity and stress.

Physical Benefits

Improved Digestion
Improved posture
Increased flexibility & strength
Optimal breathing
Reduced headaches and upper body tension
Reduction of symptoms from old illnesses and injuries

Emotional Benefits

Control of emotions
Increased enjoyment of emotions
Increased freedom of expression
More peace of mind
More feelings of empathy & love
Increased self-confidence

Mental Benefits

Increased ability to manage stress
Improved focus and concentration
Better memory
More creativity
Clearer Thinking
Deeper Sleep

Spiritual Benefits

Connection with your purpose in life
Experiencing more joy
Brightness of spirit
Increased optimism
Increased creativity
Connection to your Higher Self and power animals

The Trainers

Sharon is a skilled, grounded, intuitive, and multidisciplinary therapist who specialises in the body/mind/spirit connection. Her qualifications include training as an accredited kinesiologist, clinical hypnotherapist, hypnoenergetics practitioner, past life regressionist, quantum consciousness facilitator, NLP practitioner, holistic healer, health consultant, energy coach, and core shamanism guide. Sharon is also a trained chi kung instructor, which involved her studying the Korean branch of this mind-body energetic arts system for seven years.

During her training in this discipline - which also involved living with Korean energy masters for two years - she was a practicing Taoist monk, and ran an Energy Training Centre in London which boasted over 200 members. Sharon is not a spiritual lightweight when it comes to seeking out and embodying new realms of esoteric and traditional knowledge, and has undergone rigorous shamanic initiations in different parts of the world (Peru, Korea, UK, Bali, Australia) in order that she may “walk the talk”.

Sharon now teaches a fusion of her chi kung and shamanic training expertise (Shamanic Energy Training) which is an embodiment programme of personal empowerment – allowing students to ground and incorporate key energy principles into their everyday lives. Sharon is a prolific collector of wisdom from a diverse spectrum of schools and traditions, all for the purpose of building her abilities as both teacher and trainer.

Before becoming a therapist and workshop leader, Sharon was a Global Account Director for top Advertising Agencies in London, and travelled around the world whilst delivering training and supervision programs to affiliate advertising agencies. The leadership and responsibility skills she learned from living this ‘other life’ have served her well when it comes to conducting extremely-organised events and holding space in group settings.

Sharon is a facilitator who is both empathic and decisive in her approach to group (and individual) interactions. She has been facilitating energy training workshops, shamanic workshops and women’s only healing workshops for over 15 years. Sharon is also a ritual and ceremonial facilitator, and is often asked to create custom ceremonies for clients with specific needs/goals.

Joseph Callender has been an energy training student for more than 12 years. For 21 years he participated as a student of practical philosophy where he learned to apply ancient wisdom contained in classical eastern scripture, and western classics, to everyday situations.

He facilitates meditative healing spaces and specialises in helping clients understand and connect more fully to their soul energies, teaching them how their soul’s energy creates their future realities, and how their past effects their experience of the vibration of the present moment.

Joseph is certified in a number of Clinical disciplines, including Hypnotherapy, Hypnoenergetics, Past Life Regression, Quantum Consciousness Experience Facilitation, NLP Master Practitioner, diplomat of Milton Ericksonian based psychotherapy.

Joseph is also a Shamanic Practitioner, and specialises in Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Vitality training, Intrusion removal, Soul Portion Retrieval, Animal Totem reconnection, Psycho-pomp, Tuvan Drum Healing, Song and Word Doctoring, Shamanic Distance Healing, Guided Meditation, Journey facilitation, Sound Vibration Healing, and Shamanic Divination. He is also an Advanced Soul Plan Reader and helps clients connect to and restore their original Soul Blue Print.

Joseph creates grounded healing spaces that facilitate mind, heart and Soul coherence. He spent 28 years undergoing initiations in a variety of spiritual and shamanic systems. He is a corporate veteran and is a grounded facilitator that co-exists comfortably in both Shamanic and Corporate spaces. Website: embodiedsoul.com.au

This course is perfect for you if you are ready to step into your full power and you are ready to seriously commit to your growth.

Please enrol and pay in full (or a $50 deposit) to secure your space:


You can also enrol from the Facebook Public Page

The full investment in your energy is $255 for the 5 classes, which includes additional teachings via email and a Facebook support group. To thank our loyal supporters, repeaters can attend the 5 weeks for $185 - thank you soo much for your trust and continued support, we have really enjoyed your commitment and energy. If you are not on Facebook then contact us for the discount code.

The last class is 2 - 3 half hours in length and incorporates a sacred cacao ceremony (value $80, included in workshop cost) and will also feature a surprise guest. This is highly specialised training and excellent value.

For more general information visit shamanicenergytraining.com.au

Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes, this is an energy training class so it involves movement and postures.
Bring a yoga matt and water bottle.
Maximum class size is 25 people