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IANLP 18 day Practitioner Certification Training


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IANLP 18 Day NLP Practitioner training, Auckland, New Zealand, 31 March - 8 April + 14-22 April, 2018. Transform your life!

Strategies of Success (Week 1): Core NLP models & techniques for any context:

* Use both body language and choice of words to create the feeling of rapport easily and quickly, creating more cooperation at home and work.
* Set, and help others to set, more effective, measurable and achievable goals.
* Identify and predict the decisionmaking and thinking processes that others use, by observing precise body language changes.
* Make the perfect next move to support each person.
* Use your own body language and words to communicate exactly what you intend, being powerfully persuasive, convincing and inspiring others on both a conscious and unconscious level.
* Use others objections and disagreement as useful information with which to develop solutions that work for both you and them. * Work with another person's way of thinking and understanding the world to help them clarify what they actually want, and reach their own goals successfully.
* Use and teach others to use perfect visual memory (a technique which research at Monkton university shows can increase your memory by 61% in one session).
* Be able to enter a state of high motivation and confidence, or a state of deep relaxation, at will in any situation.
* Learn to use these skills in ways that fit with your own and your clients' or friends' values.

Strategies of Transformation (Week 2): Advanced techniques for personal change and coaching:

* Easily eliminate stressed feelings, guilt, fears or phobias, procrastination and depression, as well as self limiting beliefs or compulsive behaviours, using researched techniques often taking less than 30 minutes.
* Develop the ability to enjoy choosing the way you think and feel about life, and be in charge of the direction your life takes.
* Enter or guide others into a deeply relaxed (trance) state where healing and learning happen 2-3 times as fast.
* Discover the deep unconscious filters which determine yours and others responses.
* Use effective, permanent personal change processes.
* Be certified in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy (TM)

New Zealand Investment $NZ4000, reduced to $3800 if both blocks are paid together. The fee is reduced a further $200 to $3600 if paid 3 weeks before starting.