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Multi-Level Healing Andara Meditation


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Join Fred Salzman & Tess Jensen for a multilayered healing experience

During this multi layered healing, you will experience the benefits of the Andara Crystals, from Fred’s personal collection. One will placed under each of your chairs that will benefit you the most personally. The Andara Crystal Spiral will be under a 6’ copper pyramid magnifying the energies of the Andara's . While you are in a meditative state Fred and Tess will facilitate the following Healings ...

Andaras Bring the Gifts of:��Automatically expand your state of awareness�Increased access to universal knowledge�Activates the ability to channeling�Accelerates the spiritual development process�Creates a bridge between ethereal and physical dimensions�Manifest and create automatically by inserting your intention �into the Andara's Energy Field�Clears and Balances Chakras Automatically�Builds trust within Automatically�Focuses on Working through the Heart�Raises your frequency of energy to a much higher rate
***the Copper Pyramid is magnifying all of this***

The Divine Soul Healing sessions with Tess are channeled directly from the Source of All That Is, She is a conduit for Creator to send you the energetic healing you are in need of, whether it be Mental, Physical or Spiritual.�Being empathic she feels your physical aches and pains and emotional energies. During the healing session, Creator shows her where there are energy blockages that need to be cleared.

You will have your choice of which ThetaHealing you would personally like to experience!
�1- DNA Activations series
Youth & Vitality Activation, DNA repair & Change Program for Aging
OR�2-Loving Yourself
Remove others DNA from yourself, repair/mend your broken soul & Send Unconditional Love to you when you were a baby in the womb
OR�3-Soul Fragment Retrieval
Your soul can fragment when you experience traumatic situations, abuse, alcohol or drug addictions and/or any event that was experienced as strongly, emotionally negative. Your soul can dissociate and when this does, negative energy can take residence during the dissociation. This will help retrieve your soul fragments and clear any negative energy associated with the soul fragment that is being retrieved.�OR�4-NEW OPTION!!�Recently guided healing that deals with releasing abandonment and separation from the Creator when your soul was created.

In addition, you will also receive a full body healing after your choice has been completed. Unconditional love will be flowing through every cell of your body during the meditation and healing, their will be a Q&A and a description of what the Healers experienced at the completion of the session.

The Energetic Exchange is $45 which is an incredible way to experience ThetaHealing, Divine Soul Healing, Andara Crystals energies for a fraction of the cost.

This event is limited to 12 participants and does require prepayment.
Contact Tess 610-310-7840 to register.

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