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7-Day SelfCare Cleanse & Personal Vision Quest


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We meet in the dark of the moon in Aries, walking on the beach, getting unpacked, having dinner and going over the complete itinerary. Evening introductions circle and to set intentions for personal retreat. If you want a setting where you can allow the messages of your deepest knowing come to the surface and stick to your cleanse; If you are ready to truly walk through it whether it's sleeping, walking or talking about it, journaling, 12step mtgs in town: whatever it takes your old life is no longer an option, then this is for you.

The first three days are of daily yoga and cutting edge selfcare classes. Juice and abundant, delicious raw food cleanse commence, beginning with the moon in Taurus which is great for making new good habits stick, a colon cleanse; with a full (fourth) day of fasting and a evening gallbladder flush* Awaken to a water ritual on the new moon morning... a day of rest if needed, optional spa treatments, restorative yoga postures, sun, more water ritual and easing back into liquids (day five) then the day after that (six) a day of elective yoga, hiking, swimming and beautiful simple raw foods with a vision board and photo shoot. Each participant will receive personalized time in the group and one-on-one with Sea to help in visualizing the highest next version of themself and who they are. Biodynamic craniosacral session with Sea will be prioritized to facilitate that process and help release old shock and trauma and stress. :) Departure day will be the wondrous routine we established here of sunrise walk, yoga, juice, journal and listening sun circle with Q&A...

Throughout the week, journaling, optional video clips (edited) of before and afters, a selfcare routine to take home focusing on beauty inside and out, skin nourishment, earthing and introduction to energy work for raising your personal vibration from wherever you are at in your life will be built upon in morning and afternoon classes with lots of free time to sun, swim or shop in Los Barriles and attend the market or open mike and 12step meetings nearby on the Sea of Cortez.

You will return home with a deep knowing of how and when to nourish yourself, a new ease of what to reach for when those sure-to-happen cravings or exhaustion makes you want to grab what's easiest and an encounter with your higher guidance expressed and come to life. Refreshed, sun-kissed and full of joy and excitement to return to your life back home. Probably trimmer and with clear eyes and skin from the cleanse but on many levels.

Friday the 8th of June through Friday the 15th of June. Transportation is provided from San Jose del Cabo airport and back again on the first and last days of retreat. Food, yoga, lodging, photography, website launch and vision board supplies are provided. Airfare is not included. Massage and spa services will be offered on site at additional charge.

Screening: Mexico, for some, means tequila and fish tacos. If you are not sure 100% that you want this trip to be the highest vibration possible with no meat, fish, fowl or eggs, or any intoxicants then this trip is not for you. Trust me I've been at that place and had to peel myself up off the sidewalk... Please be honest with yourself. This is a small village and becomes very quiet at night, yet one or two bars are open. If you feel a need to be at a drinking establishment or are unable to order sparkling water, then this would not be a good fit for us at this time. If you are in recovery less than 30 days you must let the organizers know. If you feel you need extra support, that is fine. The retreat is very supportive but we aren't babysitters.

The weather can be very warm in the day and things are a bit quieter in June as it is a shoulder season. I've purposely chosen this time because it is quieter in the village but it is also hotter. Some will want to be in A/C during the heat of the day so be prepared to possibly want to swim and walk etc in the morning and evening time. We will have group classes in A/C if needed.

If you have decided you want to cleanse your body, mind and spirit and are willing to sit through at times the painful emotions that can sometimes go along with changing habits then join us and let's make this as fun and easy as possible and a transformative life experience beyond compare! Let's each open up to the brightest sparkle in our beings and see what magic arises from that! If this sounds like something you absolutely know you are ready for and committed to, please send a paragraph about why you think you are ready for this to sea at seafranklin dot com. After we receive your request, we will set up a 15min phone consult to make sure this is a good fit for us both at this time. We suggest you make this commitment to yourself once your application is accepted and pay in full to reserve your spot. Early bird discounts until April 15, and four special gift packages will be sent out to the first four signups who are paid in full! These are beautiful and full of Sea's favorite beauty and raw food treats and other surprises!

I look so forward to speaking with you.

Let's do this!


*Some individuals may require a doctor's note. A health waiver must be signed by everyone.

*All payments are nonrefundable but may be applied to future retreats or services in Portland, OR, Los Angeles or Baja California del Sur at Sea Michael Franklin pop-up offerings throughout the calendar year.

This is a cis women only retreat.


Los Barriles