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Diamond codes harmonization with Saffron


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The Wisdom of the Heart & the Harmonization of the Diamond Codes.

A beautiful guided journey with Saffron da Floresta from the mystical emerald isle of Ireland, Saffron and recently moved to Finland joining her partner Paolo da Floresta and feels called to share these meditations and channelings with the Finnish tribe.

As we enter into a new stage of higher alignment and service, we are awakening to who we truly are. This journey is for those wishing to harmonise with the diamond light frequency. We are at a very important stage of humanity. This new paradigm shift will see many expanding into a higher state of consciousness. For those that have been well on this path of expansion will be receiving downloads and new information of how best to use their gifts in service to Earth. As we align more with the new crystalline version of ourselves, the body is undergoing rapid change. The diamond light frequency is here to help shift our ability to receive at a more expanded level.

Everything is and will continue manifests at a very fast rate. And so at times, this can feel overwhelming and otherworldly to the small parts of our self that are still integrating into this new template.

And so it is with great delight after a few months of her own intense downloads and activations, that She can be of service in this way, as a vessel to help ground and seed these frequencies within your spiritual DNA and template, so that they may take root. The diamond light energy that Saffron assists with in this journey, will help with the illumination, transmutation and to unification of the cosmic Christ energy within you.

To harmonise with these frequencies is important in the next stage of the souls expansion, as many are still remaining stuck in several timelines and ego consciousness. So Saffron has been asked by the masters of light to help anchor the Diamond light further, to encourage those to in their expansion and step into their own sovereign power and awakening.

This workshop will offer those a chance to receive and harmonise with the diamond light. Saffron will be speaking the language of light and using crystal singing bowls to open and relax the body, so that you can receive at a high level. Here to assist on this journey will be the presence of the Divine Mothers and many Masters of light.

The language of light is to be understood only by the heart. This is a workshop for Men and Women and for all levels of understanding. All I ask is that you come with an open heart.


Location: Villa Valo, Oulu
Date: Sat April 28th
Time: 16;00 - 18:00
Price: €25