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Romeo & Juliet

Crown Theater Productions
Event organized by Crown Theater Productions

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Crown Theater Productions presents Romeo & Juliet at Main Street Theater!
Show dates: April 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15.
Fridays & Saturday’s 8:00 pm
Sunday’s 2:00 pm
Tickets can be purchased online at:

"Two households, both alike in dignity..."

The Capulets and Montagues have a long-standing rivalry, and after a highly contested championship game, the Montagues win on a disputed call. Tempers run high and heated words escalate into a brawl in the streets of Verona. In the aftermath, Romeo talks to his cousin Benvolio about the fact that he's been friend zoned by the beautiful Rosaline. Benvolio suggests that Romeo should "examine other beauties." An opportunity arises when Romeo and his friends crash a party at the Capulets' house. It's at this party that he meets Juliet, the beautiful young daughter of the Capulets, who is also being courted by Paris. Sparks instantly fly between Romeo and Juliet as their star-crossed love takes wing.

Romeo arranges for them to be secretly married by the well-meaning, but eccentric Friar Laurence. The Friar believes these young lovers may be able to reconcile their families, and so agrees to the marriage. Disaster strikes when, on their wedding day, Romeo accidentally kills Juliet's cousin, Tybalt, and is banished from Verona.
The act ends with young lovers learning of what seems to be the end of their life together.

The second act begins with the renewal of Paris' efforts to bring about his own marriage to Juliet, of which her parents are in favor. When Juliet discovers their plan, she rushes to Friar Laurence and begs for a way out, not wanting to be unfaithful to the husband she already has in Romeo. Friar Laurence obliges, giving her a concoction that will make her sleep so deeply, she'll appear dead, and so she'll be able to escape marrying Paris, and run away with Romeo.

Things go awry when the Friar's message to Romeo explained me the situation is returned, and Romeo hears from Balthasar the janitor, that Juliet is dead. In desperation, Romeo decides to take his life and seeks out a deadly drug. Romeo breaks into the church to be reunited with Juliet, but Paris is already there, and a fight ensues. Romeo bids Juliet farewell, and takes the poison, realizing in his last moments that Juliet is still alive. Friar Laurence arrives seconds too late to find that their plan has been thwarted. Juliet awakes, and as the Police approach the scene, Friar Laurence flees and Juliet, intent on staying with Romeo, stabs herself.

Detective Prince investigates and Romeo and Juliet's parents learn the whole story, showing them that their feud has cost them their precious children.