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Chamber Of Horrors NY Auditions! 2ND ROUND

Chamber of Horrors NY
Event organized by Chamber of Horrors NY

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ROUND 2! Chamber Of Horrors NY is looking for fresh meat! We are looking to hire a new set of ghouls for our 2018 October Season! If you are over the age of 18, can work weekends in October and love to scare then this is the job for you! GET PAID TO SCARE! Simply show up and give us your best ghoul! We will have a character sheet at the auditions you can choose from to audition with. If you are interested in working at Long Island's favorite haunted attraction we would love to hear from you. Prior acting experience is not required. We are looking for people we can count on to show up on time, be available weekends and evenings. Have a positive attitude and love to have FUN!


ROACH - A ravaging zombie full of anger and hunger. Was a former guests at the Dead and Breakfast before becoming a zombie.

GRENDEL - One of the Hotels former caretakers. He is now nothing more than a rotting corpse feasting on flesh and mold.

LOU BELVEDERE - The Hotels Bartender. He always carries his trusty shotgun with him. He has not left the Bar in 45 days since the possessions started. He is jittery and jumpy as he protects himself from the demonic zombies.

GRIME - A possessed corpse with a nasty attitude. Grime has been stuck in the walls of the hotel for 30 years. He was secretly murdered in the hotel and plastered into the wall 30 years ago but when the possessions started his corpse was reanimated.

CRUD - A former bellhop that was one of the first to be possessed. The rest of the staff locked him inside the closet he resides in, in an attempt to protect themselves from him.

AGATHA - A former guest of the hotel she was chained to the table as she was just bitten. She has not changed yet but it showing signs of aggression and savageness.

GUNK - The hotel cook who has been completely possessed. It’s hunger for skin has driven it insane, leaving it a carnivorous body looking for food with it’s meat cleaver.

FILTH - A former guests of the hotel who was possessed by the demons from the book. He is covered in black coal powder from hiding in the fireplace in his bedroom.

ELEANORE - A bride who was getting married the day the possessions took place. Her husband never came back to the room and is presumed dead while she panics for his and her safety.

MARTIN SVEDKA - A former butler for the hotel. His living quarters were literally flipped upside down by the spiritual power of the book living him stranded on the ceiling. He panics all the time constantly screaming for the upside down again.

ALEX GRAVES - Alex was a businessman who made his money by selling rare antiques and collectibles. He found the Book of the Dead in an antiques store in London. He brought it back to the Bed and Breakfast to have solitude while studying it. Little did he know he would open up the portal to hell and become the possessed keeper of the book, being a vessel for the demons himself.

FOREMAN - Mr. Lestranges Factory Manager. He is a quirky man who has a firm demeanor about managing the plant and a cruel smile when informing people of their job duties within the factory.

CHESTER - A deranged factory worker who enjoys feeding the left over body parts to the evil clowns that work in the mechanics shop.

STITCHES - A clown who was pieced together by Mr. Lestrange himself. His organs are made of Watch parts and his blood was replaced with chocolate syrup. He enjoys pulling people apart and stitching them back together again.

ACE - A clown who was experimented on to find the perfect shade of toxic paint. His face is partially melted and his makeup is destroyed. His right hand hangs 3 feet lower than his left due to the chemicals. He stays in the barrel room where he drinks more of the toxins to keep himself on a constant toxic buzz.

PLUTO - A disgruntled employee who helps Mr. Lestrange in the disciplinary actions of the other employees. He is in charge of wrangling up and kidnapping those employees who defy Mr. Lestrange.

SLASH - A clown who is responsible for the creation of new twisted toys and demonic dolls. He uses human victims and performs live surgeries to find new expressions of horror for his inspiration.

MARTIN - A deranged individual. He used to work as a janitor for Mr. Lestrange however when it was found that he was pouring acid into the water cooler he was cast out of his job and left to wander. He know lives in the air vents of the factory waiting to throw acid on anyone who crosses his path.

GIGGLES - a clown who does nothing but find the deranged factory. He invited everyone to come to his area of the factory before launching laughing gas in the air. He delights in watching everyone literally laugh themself to death.

DR. LESTRANGE - a cruel man who has mutilated himself beyond understanding. He had an abusive father growing up who always used to beat him. It always hurt until he learned it laugh it off. Laughing it off became a coping mechanism and then an obsession. At the age of 16 he murdered his father by stabbing him with a scalpel and taxiderming him with cotton. He now runs the factory pumping out demonic toys and constantly mutilating himself to make him look funnier then he already is.

JONES - Payne Rippers right hand guy. He is an initiator of the cult and does all of Paynes dirty work. He mumbles to himself and constantly breaths oddly as his tongue has been ripped out.

BUG - A man who was once a follower of Payne Ripper. However he could not bring himself past cannibalism and was looked down on by the rest of the cult. He was cast down into the back section of the Cult House and made to live with the cockroaches that feast on the victims of the cult.

BILL - A psychopathic member of the cult. Bill keeps his victims in a well and makes them rub lotion on their skin until he is ready to cut their flesh off while their still alive. He sews the skin into suits for his pleasure. He is always looking for a size 12 specifically. He can switch from a quiet, intriguing man to a raging psycho.

BONES - A meaty man who takes care of dinner and the evidence. Bones is a butcher who is responsible for disposing of the bodies after a sacrifice. Whether he is preparing dinner with various limbs and organs or burning a body to rid the cult of it’s bones he is his happiest when working.

MOLAR - A deranged dentist who takes pleasure in the pain his victims endure. Everyone that enters the cult must have one tooth removed as an initiation phase. He however loves to yank 3 or 4 for his own pleasurable experience.

SMILEY - A deranged individual who is obsessed with people eyeballs. He constantly is running through his vinyl room in the house feeling his way through the distortion for a new set of sockets to play with.

MACKEREL - Mackerel is the grandfather of the group. He is a chainsaw wielding cannibal who loves the taste of flesh and toe nails. He chases his victims with his saw he calls “SON” at an alarming quick rate.

CHERYL - A former girlfriend of Payne. She defied him one day by sleeping with Molar and was reduced to sleeping in a chicken wire cage like an animal. She is fed once a day and mostly scraps from Bones the butcher.

#9 - A victim who was self sacrificed by Payne. 9 was placed in a tank and awaiting her next phase, To Die. The Electrocution clock is ticking down on the tank she is held in.

PAYNE RIPPER - A devious man. Highly intelligent and ruthless his way of speaking has garnished him a family of serial killers and cannibals. He prides himself on one of his greatest creations “Gorge” who is utter perfection. He always dons a red robe and face paint as part of his ceremonies.

GORGE - A disgusting hunk of meat. Gorge is a combination of human skin and organs and mechanical parts. His entire purpose is to inflict intolerable pain on those given to him.