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14.04.2018 Live Yoga Flow and Ecstatic Dance: Intiche & Hadjime

Mettasense Yoga & Relax Area
Event organized by Mettasense Yoga & Relax Area

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Заповядайте на уникалната комбинация Yoga practice с Hadjime, придружена с музика на живо от Intiche, плавно еволюирайки в Ecstatic dance!


"Intiche е музикант от Wallmapu (Bs.As; Argentina) и сега е жител на Берлин, Германия.

Музиката му е много мощен микс от народна музика с електронни и енергични звуци.

Дълбоко съчетание от естествени-органични звуци, традиционни инструменти, електро, племенни, транс, неговата (самопроизведена) музика ще ни отведе в сърцето на пейзажите на джунглата и планината в Северна и Южна Америка

Неговата музика прави постоянно осъзнаване.

Ритъмът е подход и към нашия брат и покровителка на Пачамама (Майката Земя).

Приближаването на техните видения, техните предчувствителни преживявания във връзка с природата и познанието за нея, смесени с неговата мотивация и енергия, произвеждат тази музика.

Танцуващите и музикалните вибрации в това ново време са това, което води до положителна повторна еволюция.
Съзнанието се разширява, променяйки го за нашата Майка Земя, за да спечели отново уважение за нея, както и уважение към себе си, без да ни унищожи или нашата природа."



Вход: 25 лв. за един човек, 40 лв. - за двама


Welcome to the unique combination of Yoga practice with Hadjime, accompanied by live music from Intiche, smoothly evolving into Ecstatic dance!


"Intiche is a musician from Wallmapu (Bs.As; Argentina) and now a resident in Berlin, Germany.

His Music is a very powerfull mix of native music with electronic, minimal and energetic sounds.

A deep fusion of natural-organic sounds, traditional instruments, electro, nu-cumbia, tribal, trance, minimal and native, his (self-produced) Music will take us into the heart of jungle-mountain-seas-landscapes of the Americas

His music makes a consistent awareness.

The rhythm is also an approach to our brother and sister-protector of Pachamama (Mother Earth).

The approximations of their visions, their ancestral experiences in connection with nature and the knowledge of it, mixed with his motivation and energy produces this music.

The dancing and the music vibration in this new time is what effects a positive re-evolution.
The conciousness expands, changing it for our Mother Earth to win respekt again for her and also respect for ourselves without destroying us or our Nature.


Spiritual Biological
Organic Human
Alive and awake creature of energi and flesh.
Flowing in/on and with the energi of life, walking his road in Pachamama. Messenger/Visionary for people to connect , cure and vibrate with our mother earth. Motivated from positive feelings about life.
hoping Inspiring and remove the anxiety of power and hate in humans being with dance Gatherings and rituals, extasy , Trance and visions.
Musician, climber, permaculture activist, lovely creature and Crazy creature; traveller, nature lover, father of tree awake big hearts and powerfull childs; pushing always for making what i love.

Random facts:

Born in southamerica, Abya Yalla, Wallmapu–

Resident since 17 years till now in Berlin

Age 15.205 days and counting!

Mountains or beach – both!

Travels Distance made it: something like a lot of kilometers!

Beautiful places visited: mountains peaks, vulcans, forests, old forests, islands, stones, beachs, lakes, caves, temples, thermes, sacred places, energi places, big citys, small citys, etc....

High altitude: 4.600 mts –

Favorite random thing : music, Love, climbing, Swimming, Ceremonys, travel, permaculture.

Wish more love no hate ; more gratitude and sharing and happiness about our evolution, more humble and giving no desires of power, more natural energy more simples ways of living no nuclear energy no contamination, more understanding more tolerance more happiness to have a simple life no wars no weapons and much more music, more ceremonys and more stretching!

Years of making and learning music 29 and keep on going!"



Entrance: 25 BGN for one person, 40 BGN for two