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Introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu - Basic Fundamentals

Event organized by MYKC

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Description: (Ages 12 and up) This class is for those who want to begin to learn the basics for becoming a Kung Fu practitioner and thus a stronger and more consistent contributor in life. In this class we will cover the origin, ethics, and mission of Kung Fu connection as well as the basic fundamental movements that begin a Kung Fu practice. Here we will also discuss long term potential for opening a school and bringing together a community of committed learners of the Kung Fu tradition to Kansas City!
NOTE: This is not the westernized Wushu sport style of Kung Fu. What is taught and will be taught are real self defense techniques and eventually the class will evolve into full contact sparring, grappling, and throwing applications.

Class Leader: David Drimmel
Overseeing master: Sifu Roberto Baptista

Benefits of KungFu Training

KungFu training, has numerous health benefits which include overall improvement of physical condition of the body as well as benefiting emotional and mental states of those who practice it regularly. Below are some of the key benefits of KungFu training.

KungFu is a Great Workout – KungFu helps develop both strength and flexibility, unlike many other workouts which focus on either strength or flexibility. Repeated practice of kicks, punches, and pivots of the hips stretch the entire body and develop flexibility while increasing strength at the same time. KungFu training also involve special stretching techniques to increase flexibility in various muscle groups in the body. Health benefits may include lowering blood pressure, increasing blood circulation, strengthening the immune system and improving sleep quality.

KungFu is great for Self Defense – Our KungFu classes aim to teach a child how to effectively protect themselves in the event of an attack, which does much more than just teach them how to punch and kick hard. Self-defense skills help keep our body and mind strong.

KungFu training can be great for your Health – One of the benefits of a great workout is how it can enhance your health. When people think about KungFu they might picture high kicks or acrobatic forms but that is only one aspect of what KungFu is. There are many styles of KungFu that can be considered low impact. An example would be Tai Chi Chuan whcih is one of the soft or internal styles of KungFu. Other internal styles include Xing Yi Quan and Bagua Zhang. These internal arts are well known for their health benefits and are very popular throughout the world because of them. In addition many arts have exercises for improving health, flexibility, and for conditioning and strengthening different parts of the body.

Stamina, Flexibility and Coordination – KungFu is more strenuous than tai chi or qigong, so it has a greater impact on your cardiovascular system. You need to exert more physical energy to perform the kicking, striking, throwing and locking joint movements that form the four core techniques of Shaolin kung fu. As a result, you’ll develop your physical stamina as you progress, along with greater limb flexibility and coordination.

Developing Personal Energy – KungFu as an exercise system is a close relation of tai chi and qigong, or chi kung as it is also known. All three systems are based on the same principle of cultivating personal energy or qi. This is a really important aspect of kung fu: with most sports we have less energy for them as we get older, while kung fu teaches you how to keep replacing your energy stores, so that when you are middle-aged or older, you still have the energy — plus physical and mental capabilities — of a much younger person.

Improved Confidence – Students attain a sense of confidence through improving mental and physical skills. We also teach students how to handle hostile situations.

Better Concentration – Wushu comes from a tradition that requires intense focus. Students will learn how to perform exercises designed not only to improve their bodies but their minds at the same time.

Stress Relief – KungFu training can ease tension, strengthen your body and help blood circulation. Frequent practice may alleviate depression and anxiety and improves the mood.

Self-Discipline – KungFu training helps young people learn how to deal with frustration and work toward a specific goal.

Self-Expression – Wushu is an art that allows for the highest possibilities of self-expression since it combines grace and beauty with power and acrobatics.

Learn KungFu for the Art – As you learn KungFu you find that the practice is more than just kicking and punching. As you progress through an art you learn the basics, the principles, the forms, the exercises, the applications, but all of these are really a study of yourself. It is you who is doing the movements, and in time it may become more than something you “just” do. The understanding gained from long term practice becomes part of who you are. You also realize that you are part of a living tradition. Its not just about how many repetitions you can do or how you look in the mirror. You become a part of a tradition that has been passed down through many generations.

Sense of Community – Our team is like a big family. Through KungFu training as a group, we build trust and friendship among peers and with Masters.

Friendship – Most students find that, no matter the age, they make new friends in kung fu. It’s a natural outcome of the experience. Social events and parties are part of the kwoon as well.

Have a great Time! – Last but not the least, learning KungFu can be an interesting experience. Our KungFu classes are designed so that everyone has fun!

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