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Acrylic Classes

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Acrylic classes “Between figuration and abstraction” with artist Karine Roche (April-May 2018)

Exact dates and hours are not notified, because our experience has shown that the best way is to form them in conversation with the participants and in accordance with their obligations. That's the reason we marked in calendar only first and last possible days of lessons.

We kindly suggest to those who are interested in the course to help us formulate a schedule.

Fee is 860 AED (excluding supplies).

Welcome to 5 weeks (10 hours) of brand new basic acrylic Classes at N2N Gallery! Even you are not a beginner you can join as teacher will align program with your level of knowledge. At the border where figuration meet abstract, you will be able to observe and learn and to paint following the basic rules of composition and perspective. You will use colors and geometric forms in order to create you art piece.
Each class will be followed by one completed work. Prepare to learn acrylic medium, composition and perspective in the manner of famous artists!

Class Structure:

Week 1
With usage of color wheel you will be creating monochromes and learn more about primary, secondary and tertiary, as well as about complementary colors - all in the manner of Sonia Delaunay who spent all her life finding a harmony between shape and color.
Introduction to the concept of composition will follow.

Week 2
Next step is deepening of the concept of composition and harmony of colors inspired by Nicolas de Stael. His paintings are at the boundary between figuration and abstraction - basic geometrical shapes combined with concrete colors give the hint of the form, because his art is not completely abstract, but close to become so. You will learn how to use color within a simple geometric shape and how to place them to create balance

Week 3
You will have the opportunity to approach perspective through short history and theory from Italian Renaissance on example: inventor of perspective - artist and architect Brunelleschi.
You will learn how to create a perspective with one vanishing point.

Week 4
You will learn how to create a perspective with two vanishing points.

Week 5
You will be introducing with a usage of suitable tool to draw sketches of still life based on geometric shapes. Right after, you will approach the notion of light and shadow with different tones of gray in the manner of Italian artist Gorgio Morandi.

List of supplies required for the acrylic class:

- 5 canvases 40 x 50 cm (no need to be exactly this size and not all canvases
have to be same sizes)
- Acrylic primary colors (magenta, primary yellow, cyan), black and white
Suggestion is to add ultramarine blue, red cadmium and yellow cadmium
- Palette
- Brushes: round and flat - different sizes (it is recommended to buy set of brushes
made of natural materials)
- Modeling paste
- Sketch book A4
- Pencil HB, eraser, compass (caliper), graded ruler (50cm)
- Containers to hold water
- One roll of paper towels

Briefly about the artist:

Karine Roche graduated in 1995 from Fine Art: Atelier de Sèvres in Paris. She has diploma in Spatial Design and from School of Arts and Design (Olivier de Serres, Paris). She is awarded artist whose paintings are in private, corporate and municipal collections in Europe, USA and Middle East.

“My interest lies in the environment and how I can transcribe a perception of a specific land through its landscape, depicting both identity and globalization. There is an interaction between population, culture, climate and geology which appears in a specific way on the landscape, and in my opinion, humans are the builders/destroyers of this world, even if they don’t appear in my paintings. Their choices and actions on the landscape mirror the specific identity and political ideal of a region. The city is a natural element created by mankind in our ecosystem.”


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