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OneUp Project M Weekly

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Event organized by One Up Games

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One Up Games is proud to add Project M to its newest lineup of game weeklies! Weeklies will begin April 4 with brackets at 7:30pm. Friendlies can start anytime earlier in the day. Setups are a must, so if you have one please bring it!

Below are the rules:

*This is up-to-date as of Season 10-5
These are the default rules unless stated otherwise.

Tournament is Double Elimination. In the case of pools, set counts will need to be recorded. Players will be seeded out of pools based on the number of sets they won. In the case of a tie, check games won, then games lost, then head-to-head.

Payouts are dependent upon entry count. For <48 entrants, payouts are 60/30/10. For 48-63 entrants, payouts are 50/30/15/5. For >=64 entrants, payouts are 45/25/15/9/3x2.

The players will be seeded to the TO’s best knowledge.

Sets are Best of 3 except for Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals, which are Best of 5. This may be extended to other sets depending on time constraints.

Specific sets will be chosen to be featured on stream. TVs may be assigned. If TVs are assigned, playing your match on a different TV will not count. This is to encourage cooperation for the sake of efficiency.

It is both players’ responsibility to ensure the set is played in a timely manner. If your opponent is missing, inform the TO. Do not spend excessive amounts of time on button checks. Both players should always check in with the TO after the set.

All characters selectable through the CSS are legal except for Warioman and Giga Bowser.

Custom builds are acceptable as long as they meet the following requirements:
All costumes with bone edits are indicated to be tournament illegal
No costumes should be misleading (hurtboxes/hitboxes wrong size, looking like other characters, difficult to see)
The default costume for each character should be available
No music should be so distracting as to necessitate muting of the setup
No non-graphical stage edits
No stages in the stagelist should have collision edits
All stage graphics should be non-distracting and not misleading
The build should not crash or chug with alarming frequency
There should be no edits to in-game gameplay functions

General Rules:

All items individually off and frequency set to none
Auto L-cancelling and Input Buffer set to off
Players will play Stock mode with a Stock count of 4
Stock time limit will be set to 8 minutes
The TO is the final arbiter of all disputes
In the case of simultaneous death, the initiator of the suicide move wins. If there is no such person, players go back to that stage and play 1 stock
In the case of timeout, the player with the most stocks wins. In the case of a tie, player with lowest percent wins. If that is also a tie, players go back to that stage and play 1 stock
In the case that a match is unable to be finished (setup crashes, TV unplugged, etc.), restart the match you were on but retain the current set count.
In the case of a pause, the pausing player must sacrifice a stock at opponent’s discretion


Players blind pick their characters. Use a third party if necessary to enforce
Players Rock-Paper-Scissors. The winner can either choose which controller port they get or they can choose who strikes neutral stages first (in Doubles, ports should be T1-T2-T2-T1)
Strike stages in a P1-P2-P2-P1 format from the 5 starters. The players play on the remaining stage for Game 1.
Proceed to play Game 1.
The Winner of the previous match chooses character. Then loser chooses character.
The Winner bans 2 of the 9 stages. The loser selects a stage.
Repeat steps 5&6 until the set is complete.

Note that we are using Modified Dave’s Stupid Rule (which we are calling Geo’s Stupid Rule), which states that you cannot select a stage you have already won on, but you can select the game 1 stage for game 5 in a best of 5.

Note that the counterpicker can choose port priority if they wish.

Note that players may agree to play on any stage or play All-Star mode.

Note that players may request the use of specific character costumes, within reason.


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