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Recognise, Release, Relax and Repeat


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I've been asked so many times by clients over the years to bring together my experience in the field of Humanistic Counselling and Vibrational Energy Healing. I began offering combined sessions which integrated these two modalities and these sessions quickly generated a great deal of interest and is now the most sought after therapy. As a highly intuitive Counsellor and Healer I am able to help clients recognise blocks in their vibrational field which are keeping them in a place of fear, anxiety and anger.

🌟I spend 30 minutes talking and helping to recognise and release these blocks, followed by the client setting the intention to change. This isn't easy for some and can be quite emotional, however once the intention is set then the client relaxes and we invoke the powerful presence of the Angelics to bring forth healing. The client lies back and welcomes the Vibrational Energy Healing🌟

These sessions are transformational as they are quick and incredibly effective at changing one's emotional and physical wellbeing.

I have also studied the Law of Attraction and Vibration and manifestation for over twenty years and love to incorporate this thinking as a powerful tool for change and clients have so much fun working with me on this!😊 After all who doesn't have a desire to attract amazing changes in to their lives??!!

During the coming year I'll be offering a series of workshops where we will be looking at self empowerment and energy healing 🌟

So on this day I'll be demonstrating how I heal and each of you will participate in giving and receiving healing. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced healer or never even heard of healing before. This workshop is just a wonderful opportunity for those who are inquisitive and those who are looking for change and healing. Bring an open mind and away we go! 💚

So just a little teaser of what the day will bring:

*Methods for scanning your subtle body to identify problem areas
*Look at your limiting beliefs, problems and imbalances
*Techniques for creating healthy energetic boundaries to keep out
negative influences and open to positive energies that nourishes
your soul
*Learn tools to make positive changes in your life and really
begin to learn to love yourself
*Experience a wonderful guided Meditation for clearing internal
blockages and chakra cleansing

How can Energy Clearing and Healing help you?

~You will better understand the reasons for your problems and predicaments
~ You will recognise your unhealthy patterns and why you hold them
~You will learn to clear the negative beliefs and influences keeping you stuck
~ You will begin to attract healthier relationships and friends and create healthy boundaries
~ You will start to heal old wounds and move into joy
~ You will start to heal physical ailments
~ You will begin to start the healing process of anxiety and depression

It’s also a chance to meet like minded beautiful souls, shine your light without judgement and expand your awareness!!! 💕

As an established Humanistic and Existential Counsellor, Vibrational Healing Master, Angelic Reiki practitioner and teacher of the Crystal Children I will be bringing personal and work experience to all my workshops, bringing additional depth and understanding.

I work with clients who are recognising themselves as Highly Sensitive People, Empaths and Lightworkers. I specialise in Aspergers and work a great deal helping Indigo and Crystal children. My work covers a diverse range of clients from those who have suffered loss, abuse in childhood and adulthood, drug and alcohol misuse, poor self esteem, domestic violence and anger. I am also a children's counsellor and have a wealth of experience and along with intuitive skills this makes for an interesting day of self discovery for you and how to make some of the life changes you need to take you to the next level.

The day runs from 9.39 til 1.30pm and is filled with a Chakra Cleansing Meditation, Energy Healing, Self-Awareness and much more.

Refreshments will be provided 🍲

You may wish to bring a little throw and some socks if you're not happy in bare feet and want to keep warm. Be yourself and wear whatever comfortable clothing you feel good in :)

*****The Energy Exchange for this exciting day of healing is just £50 and a deposit of £10 is essential to secure your place. If you wish to take advantage of the early bird offer of £45 then you have until the 13th.

Email me at juliet@seethechange.co.uk if you have any particular requirements.