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WH40k: Kill Team!

Power 9 Games
Event organized by Power 9 Games

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Kill team is back!

Celebrate the glorious return of squad-based skirmish combat in the 41st millennium!

Bring your deadliest team of battle-brothers, heretics, or xenos scum, and purge the enemy from the field!

Entry is $5, with prizes paid out to the top placing commanders!

Details for the event can be found below, but feel free to ask questions or message our TO, Dawson Hindrelet!

See you there!


250 points
4x4 tables
all books available (unless released on that weekend)
bring your rules with you

This detatchment grants +3 command points.
0-15 troops
0-5 elites
0-5 Fast attack
0-5 Heavy

A single model fills a slot

Squad leaders cannot be purchased unless you have hit the minimum number of models for that unit to be included in your kill team. (IE buying 4 Rubric
Marines would allow you to buy an aspiring sorcerer)

Wargear options for models still require the proper number of models from a unit to become available. (IE 9 tactical marines and a sgt would allow a
special weapon and a heavy weapon)

You make take 1 vehicle for every 10 other models in your army.

Models have only have a maximum of 3 wounds, if the model has the vehicle key word the number is increased to 10.

Models may not have a better than 4+ invulnerable save.

Models that can only be taken oncer per army cannot be taken (No named characters)

One keyword must match across every model in the Kill Team

You may not use command points prior to the game starting (No relics)

Nominate a Leader model, this model gains the Character key word if it did not already have it. When taking morale checks, you automatically pass them
if your Leader is still alive. Each time your leader suffers a wound, roll a dice, on a 6+ that model does not suffer the wound.

Select any 3 models in your army as specialists. When using a stratagem that will affect the dice rolls of your own specialist, reduce the cost of the
stratagem by 1 to a minimum of 1.

Command Points

Command Points are generated as normal for a Battle-Forged army, but the only
Detachment you can (and indeed, must) use is the Kill Team Detachment.
As a result you will only ever have 6 or less Command Points to spend in your
games (3 for being Battle-Forged and a further 3 for having a Kill Team
You may spend Command Points on Stratagems (for example: Command Re-roll,
Counter-Offensive and Insane Bravery) as normal. In addition there are three extra
Stratagems you can use in all the Kill-Team scenarios.

Bleed them Dry - 2cp - Reroll a failed charge
Take them down - 3cp - allows a model to fire overwatch a 2nd time
Get to the Objective - 2cp - Used before a model advances. Roll 2 d6 and select the highest when determining how far you advance.

In the Morale Phase, a morale test works as follows;
 If your Kill Team has less than half its original models alive, you must take a morale
test for your Kill Team during the Morale Phase.
 Your Kill Team automatically passes this test if your Leader is still alive and on the
 If your Leader is dead, then your Kill Team counts as having a Leadership value of 5.
 Roll a D6 and add the number of casualties your Kill Team took that turn. If the result
of the Morale test exceeds your Kill Team’s Leadership the test is failed. For every
point that the test is failed by one model in that unit is removed from play. You may
choose which models flee from your Kill Team.
 The Insane Bravery Stratagem allows you to pass this morale test as normal.
 Any other rules that affect morale will have no effect on morale in games of Kill
Team. This includes Synapse, Mob Rule and Daemonic Icons etc

Additional Rules for all Kill Team Scenarios
Keep it quiet! During games of Kill Team, only model in your Kill Team may throw a grenade each phase.
It’s every man for himself – During games of Kill Team, every model is deployed as an individual unit and may act
independently for the rest of the game.
Never late to the party – You must deploy at least ten models from your Kill Team on the table during deployment. If
your Kill Team has less models, you must deploy them all on the table. Models deployed in transports on the table
count as deployed on the table and count as a single deployment as normal.
Been there, seen that – Each time an enemy model casts a Psychic Power, a single member of your Kill Team within
18” may always attempt a single Deny the Witch test. They’ve seen it all and are not fazed by enemy sorcery!
All or nothing - Reinforcement points are not in use. You have committed everything you have to this mission, holding
back won’t cut it!