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Imagining Post Capitalism Festival : May 1-6

Pro Arts
Event organized by Pro Arts

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Confronting the oft-quoted cliché that we can imagine the end of the world more easily than we can imagine the end of capitalism, this festival invites us all to get out of our dead-end thinking and imagine how much better life can be. Produced by Pro Arts in collaboration with Shaping San Francisco, the Imagining Post-Capitalism hybrid festival/summit will take place from May 1 – 6, 2018 and will bring together activists, artists, and the general public to explore a future without capitalism. The festival/summit will take place in Oakland and San Francisco, CA. Scheduled activities include: lectures, community gatherings and salons, discussions, presentations, performances, workshops, screenings, art actions and interventions, podcasts and publications. Presentation topics include: social history of labor and labor organizing, universal basic income and alternative economies, debt abolition and jubilee, the end of work, what sustains racism and sexism beyond capitalism, revolutionary movements of the past, new social movements, ecological and social justice, urbanism and gentrification, technological innovations and techno-fetishism… and much more! What do you want to put on the table when it comes to imagining a post-capitalist life?

May 1st

7pm "MAY DAY PLAY, HEY!" at Pro Arts (Oakland). Artist L.M. Bogad repurposes the structure of role-playing games to create a new game of “re-enacting” the history of social movements.

Door/$5-10 suggested donation

9pm "Labor Films" screening at the new Great Wall of Oakland, right outside of Pro Arts Gallery (Oakland) : Shorts from P2P Fightsharing III: Precarity; Mayday Barcelona (8:52); St. Precarious Goes Shopping (5:51); Yomango Tango (6:11); Gimme an occupation of the premises with that McStrike (4:05)

No host bar at Pro Arts.

May 2nd
1-2pm Brown Bag Lunch Series at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza. Discussion involving passersby.

Topic: Finding Resiliency in Nature led by artist/curator/activist Asya Abdrahman.

Asya Abdrahman develops conceptual strategies and physical structures in an effort to find solutions to existing challenges i.e. food, water, shelter, power. As part of the discussion, Asya will present her fog catchers.

7:30 pm “Do Androids dream of surplus value?” “Robotic Labor Exploitation and the falling rate of profit” performative lecture by Eddie Yuen and Kal Spelletich at Shaping San Francisco, Eric Quezada Center for Culture and Politics (518 Valencia St, SF).

May 3rd
1-2pm Brown Bag Lunch Series outdoors at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza. Discussion involving passersby.
Topic: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

6-8pm sharp “Two Performances: Titania Kumeh & Jade Ariana Fair “ at Pro Arts Gallery (Oakland)
Door/$5-10 suggested donation

Titania Kumeh’s performances are meditations on her family, ancestry, and experiences as a first-generation, Liberian-Bahamian American maneuvering through the world in the body of a black woman. Kumeh has performed with the Brontez Purnell Dance Company and in productions by Lisa Rybovich Cralle, Sophia Wang, Wura Natasha Ogunji, and Tropic Green/Adee Roberson. She was the lead singer in the punk rock band Ugly.

Jade Ariana Fair is a multidisciplinary artist living in Oakland, CA. She works across the genre of painting, performance, sound, and installation. She is a socially engaged artist whose social practice extends to arts education with youth and a healing arts practice. She is a 2017 artist-in-residence at The Center for Afrofuturist Studies in Iowa City.

No host bar at Pro Arts.

8:30pm "Intentions," interactive projection by Eva Davidova at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza (Oakland's City Hall building).

Intentions by Eva Davidova is an interactive projection, in which viewers “provoke” hysteria-like reactions from an animated girl’s face and manage to provoke nothing from her digitally constructed double.

May 4th
1-2pm Brown Bag Lunch Series outdoors at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza. Discussion involving passersby.
Topic: The Future of Work

7-9pm "Never Work," Symposium & Provocation at Beneficial State Bank, 1438 Webster St., Suite 300, Oakland.

Join an unpredictable symposium led by Franco-German anti-work advocate Guillaume Paoli, all the way from Berlin, Marina Gorbis, Executive Director of the Institute for the Future, and Isaac Cronin, one of the founders of the Situationists movement in the Bay Area.

Door/ $10-$20 donation is suggested with no one turned away for lack of funds. Cocktails & Cake FREE.

May 5th
8:20pm – 10:05pm San Francisco – Tiburon Multi-media Art Experience, PIER 41 San Francisco (Please arrive 15 minutes prior to departure)

Adult round-trip ferry ticket: $25 (No Host Bar)
*Purchase your round trip ticket(s) online at: HERE
*Choose Kiosk pick-up
*Print voucher
*Bring voucher with you to the boat for entry

On May 5th, join the Blue Collar Green Water Art & Culture Collective, for an hour-long journey multi-media art experience! In addition to stunning views of the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, the evening will include readings, a short video screening, music, slideshow and animated video presentation on San Francisco waterfront history, presented by San Francisco Bay maritime working artists.

May 6th
12pm "Rethinking Economics" at Pro Arts Gallery (Oakland)

A presentation by Della Duncan of Upstream podcast, covering the problems of economic paradigms and the fascinating and wide range of alternative frameworks that point to a post-capitalist future.

Door/ $5-10 suggested donation

1 – 5pm "For the Workers Right to Unionize" durational performance with artist Regina Larre Campuzano at Pro Arts Gallery (Oakland).

Honoring the radical legacy of Labor Day this performance will seek to center workers, their bodies and their present-day struggle.

4- 6pm "RIP Capitalism – a WAKE" at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland.

Potluck, performances and collective actions ensue in celebration of the death of capitalism. Bring 1 item to the wake that you would like to bury along with its cold body.

Festival Producer:

Pro Arts is a non-profit art institution working in the visual arts, performance, music, social practice, public art, and education. Founded in 1973, Pro Arts is one of the few remaining institutions in Oakland that is artist-centered and that continues to function as a platform for experimentation, supporting the freedom to create challenging, non-commercial work in critical art context.

Shaping San Francisco is a participatory community history project documenting and archiving overlooked stories and memories of San Francisco. We are committed to defining a new kind of public space, specifically around a shared interest in our interrelated social histories.


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