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Scuba Diving and Snorkeling trips to Charna Island

Scuba Club
Event organized by Scuba Club

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Seats Available for 6th, 7th and 8th April 2018 (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) Trip to Charna Island.

• Package 1: Snorkeling Standard (Professional Services of Scuba Club )
✔ Package Price: Rs 2200/- per person

For package details visit: https://tinyurl.com/yc69xsu2

• Package 2: Snorkeling Economic (Services similar to other companies)
✔ Package Price: Rs 1700/- per person

For package details visit: https://tinyurl.com/yab6vr2x

• Package 3: SCUBA DIVING (standard) [according to standards with PADI DiveMaster (DSD Leader)] + Snorkeling

✔ Package Price: Rs 5000/- per person

For package details visit: https://tinyurl.com/y7u5tkcg

• Package 4: SCUBA DIVING (sub-standard) [Just like other local companies do] + Snorkeling

✔ Package Price: Rs 4000/- per person

For package details visit: https://tinyurl.com/yaqma36a

Difference between Snorkeling Standard and Economic Packages:

Snorkeling Standard: (Professional services of Scuba Club)

• AC Transport (karachi to Mubarak village by road)
• Local Boat Ride (Mubarak village to Charna Island)
• Fresh & Unlimited Chicken Biryani (Served at Mubarak Village)
• Chilled Cold drinks Regular bottle (unlimited for the lunch time)
• Lifeguards (1 on every 6 person)
• Hut (The ONLY proper HUT at Mubarak Village)
• Changing Room
• Wash Room
• Fresh water for washing purpose
• Separate stairs for each boat
• Safety Ladder for Cliff Jumping

Snorkeling Economic: (services similar to other companies)

• AC Transport (Karachi to Blue Sea Resort by road)
• Local Boat Ride (Blue Sea to Charna Island)
• Chicken Biryani (Served at Boat)
• Cold drinks (Jumbo on sharing basis)
• Lifeguards (1 on every 12 person)
• Public Changing Room
• Public Wash Room
• You have to fill your bottle of sea water for washing yourself (fresh water not available for washing purpose)
• Boats will be jammed together at Charna Island with stair only on the leading boat

Difference between Standard and Sub Standard SCUBA DIVING Packages:

1) First question that will arise to a customers mind after seeing this post is that why would anyone want a sub-standard package? Company should revise the post and give the name like economy etc to differentiate between the two packages?

The answer to this question is that we aims to create awareness among the customers that it is possible for us to give similar services to some other companies who are reducing the quality of services to save cost and even at cheaper price.

So what is the difference?

2) In Standard Package, Certified Instructor and customer both will wear the whole Scuba Diving equipment including Air Cylinder, BCD, Regulators, weight belts etc. Instructor will take you to the bottom with himself for continuously 20 minutes.

In sub-standard package only customer will wear the whole Scuba equipment, but the diver (who is not a certified instructor) will just push you from above and takes you from the deeper water to a shallower water so that when you reaches the shallower end you will think that you have reached to more depth, they will hold you in a way that you will not be able to look upward so you will not be able to judge how much water is above you. If anyone has a trouble understanding this procedure, visit our office we will explain you with the help of videos.

3) Sub-standard package cost less because:

3.1) Only customer uses Air Cylinder while in Standard Scuba air is consumed twice as both instructor and customer use the
the air cylinder.

3.2) The fees of a certified instructor is saved, instead any swimmer can manage a customer for Sub-standard package.

3.3) Many dives can be managed on a day because any Swimmer can manage the dives no specially qualified instructor is required.

3.4) Equipment used in Sub-standard package is usually a cheaper one.

4) Before booking a Scuba Diving slot from any company bound them that both instructor and customer will wear the Scuba equipment specially air cylinders.

4.1) Visit the office of the company and check the certification of their instructor.

4.2) Beware! some companies are selling their sub-standard package under the name of Standard to counter Scuba Club's Awareness Policy. We believe to give services as committed, otherwise we can also sell tickets in Rs 4000/- and make same or even more profits than we make in Rs 5000/- package.

5) Dont confuse between Snorkeling and Scuba Diving, Snorkeling is a cheaper activity and its details are mentioned in the link: https://www.facebook.com/ScubaClubofficial/posts/1777184212365580

6) If you still dont believe us scroll down the page's timeline of Scuba Club and than of other companies you will see that they even copy paste most of the post content from Scuba Club and sometimes pictures as well. Due to this reason there posts might look similar to us but there services are not similar to Scuba Club.

6.1) Compare the likes, page history and picture albums of Scuba Club from other companies you will understand the difference.