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The DARK Forest - A Touch Experience

Second Story Studios
Event organized by Second Story Studios

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How would you like to be touched in the dark?


Tonight we explore The DARK FOREST.

The Human Forest is an experience of connection, intimacy and sensual touch…

It is held within a secure container with people wanting to relax, rest and be rejuvenated with pleasure.

We move, dance and play before moving into the roles of giving and receiving before sharing and resting to integrate the evening.

All the things we tend to miss out on in our modern lives.

This version explores not only heartfelt touch (as in The HEART of THE FOREST)... it moves into surrender, take, ravish and the darker, powerful and sensual elements of our human nature.

>>> NOTE: This event is not for the faint-hearted <<<

I request that you ONLY BOOK IF you have been to one of my events before or a similar level of intimacy/sexuality/touch workshop covering boundaries and consent. We are not covering the basics. We are exploring elements that are aimed at more experienced participants. Please come to my "HEART of the FOREST" for a more gentle, compassionate and slow evening.


We crave connection, rarely do we take time to create it.
We can increase our capacity to feel pleasure, feeling more of what is already there.
There is no need to push towards a peak experience or force sensation into the body.
You can learn to touch without hesitation, offering only what is needed.
You can feel enlivened by practising the arts of intimacy.

We explore practices that you can apply to your daily lives and intimate relationships immediately.

- Learn to relax and feel in the face of another human
- Create connection by practically feeling into our hearts
- Receive live feedback to learn how to be more available and open
- Feel into authentic expressions of love, compassion and giving
- Experiment with new languages of touch
- Step into the power of our dark, sensual selves
- Learn to offer sensual touch without hesitation
- Become clear on the roles of giving, receiving and being present to another human

This experience welcomes all humans. Men, women, singles and couples.

The Human Forest creates two groups that give and receive touch.

Depending on the mix of genders during the evening, we may form groups based on gender or randomly divide the room with a chance for intimate couples to be in different groups.

We will demonstrate physical boundaries and styles of touch in detail during the evening including clear, non-verbal signals to cease all touch and verbal signs to increase or change touch.

I am dedicated to creating safe spaces for people to explore pleasure and connection. This is not a place to explore power over others or take what you want from the experience.

This is a space to experience your heart and the heart of others through loving touch.


Alex is driven to create spaces of love and connection. He is a trained coach, long-term partner, super dad and nature lover. A former digital strategist and art teacher, he holds a variety of skills that combine to offer uniquely intimate experiences. With skills in massage, movement and coaching he enjoys 1:1 and group facilitation focussed on “in the body” results and enjoys guiding people towards deeper relationships with pleasure and thriving sexual partnerships.

I have been involved in Australian tantra, touch and movement circles for 5+ years and am trained in facilitation, consent practices, intimacy and attraction principles and guiding positive, healthy and clean group experiences.

For more information go to www.alexwhite.com.au


FOOD - Tap water and light snacks including fruit, nuts and chocolate provided. I would suggest arriving having had a LIGHT DINNER at least 30 minutes before).

DRESS - I suggest layered, comfortable clothing that feels pleasurable on your skin. We will be moving around and doing some light exercise. You may wish to be lying down at times. Wear comfortable and clean shoes or go shoeless, up to you.

HYGIENE - You will be relating in close proximity to one another. Please use minimally distracting deodorants and shower beforehand or onsite if possible. Fresh breath is essential and mints are available.


$50 ($40 Early Birds Available)
7-1130pm Friday
Second Story Studios (FRONT Entrance)
222A Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia
Doors Closed at 715pm.
Light snacks and tea provided.


Buying a ticket requires these agreements:

- I will maintain the confidentiality of participants and specific experiences of the workshop
- I am capable of experiencing group touch without the likelihood of triggering extremely strong mood swings, aggression, deep trauma responses, numbness/disassociation where I may be unable to be responsible for my actions and talk with facilitators
- I can say "no" to undesirable experiences and know when to stop my experiences in order to maintain my mental and physical safety.
- I can follow rules that I agree to.
- I know I can leave the experience at any time after letting the facilitator know, and/or communicating via SMS.
- I am an adult, over 18 years of age.
- I am not currently in a traumatic relationship situation.
- I can understand conversational English at a high level.
- I understand that refunds are available up to 48 hours before time of event, with a $10 admin charge. After that time, there are no refunds or credits.


This is the main ritual for the evening, this short explanation will help you decide whether this is for you, or not.

- It's for people who love to give and receive touch.
- You would want to be comfortable with the concept of being touched by people other than your partner, if you have one, and by people you may not know.
- You also need to be comfortable with being touched by the same gender as the groups may be mixed.
- You need to be able to set clear boundaries and practice consent, with guidance.
- Fluid transfer and kissing are STRICTLY out of play.

The ritual starts with clear group agreements and boundary setting. Clothing needs to include at least underpants. You are guided by a short demonstration as well as the opportunity to warm up your touch techniques, followed by questions.

The group is split in half, with a balanced mix of genders in each group. (It is often best to be in a different group than your intimate partner if you have one in the room.)

One half take positions as "trees" and are invited to blindfold themselves (this helps to drop into the experience and detach from who is giving touch, it is optional and HIGHLY recommended).

The other half are "animals" of the forest and, within group agreements, are set free to explore the "trees" with different types, speeds and flavours of touch using their hands, limbs and whole bodies.

Timing, amount and zones of touch are able to be controlled by the receiver, with a clear "stop" signal to cease touch at any time. Specific "Out of Bounds" zones for injuries or specifically sensitive areas can be nominated with tape on body parts.
Music is played throughout the practice. After 40+ minutes, the two halves swap roles. Everyone gets a chance to experience both sides of the ritual, giving and receiving.

To conclude, we lie down to share reflections and integrate the experience.

People can enjoy a simple tea and remaining snacks, getting grounded before exiting and commuting safely.


> “This experience for me was truly amazing.. bridging the gap of emotional/mental barriers connected to physical touch.. the workshop created a supportive and gentle permissible space that facilitates personal growth very easily.. absolutely loved it.. “

> "Really great workshop. We enjoyed Alex's refined facilitation, attunement to the participants in the room, and the compassion developed between everyone. It was highly engaging sensually and not overtly sexual. We've been telling friends about it and are looking forward to the next experience."

> “...last night was f*cking unbelievable for me.
Beyond significant. I was amazed at how natural, intuitive and "right" it all felt, and how little shame and guilt I was experiencing. In a way, I felt like I was welcomed back into the human race.
I've been a great hugger for many years, but other than that, this experience was utterly off my map thus far, and I shared more physical intimacy in 2-3 hours than I had in the rest of my life (many times over), and yet it didn't feel overwhelming or "too much". I'm an "all head, all heart" guy, I've already done heaps of reflection on my inherited baggage, so I guess I was more than ready for it. Bringing my body along for the ride was the well-overdue missing piece. A lot of stuff about life just made sense and sat right, very quickly and easily.
And geez, the way you held and ran the space...so clear and safe and free...many thanks.”