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April Rabbit Spay & Neuter Discount

South Wilton Veterinary Group
Event organized by South Wilton Veterinary Group

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In honor of the Easter Bunny, for the month of April we are offering a
20% Discount on Rabbit Spays and Neuters
*Excludes the cost of exam + pre-operative lab work
This discount may also be applied to the following pocket pets: Guinea Pigs, Rats, Hedgehogs, & Sugar Gliders

Why is it important to spay and neuter pet rabbits?
Provided by www.saveafluff.co.uk
• Prevent accidental pregnancies. Rabbits can have a litter of babies each month, and there are already over 33,000 rabbits already in rescues awaiting homes 
• Unneutered rabbits have raging hormones which make them aggressive toward other rabbits. They may attack other rabbits without provocation!
• Male rabbits will constantly be humping the female which can cause aggression, create bald patches on the female, and generally leave both the rabbits feeling frustrated. Neutered males are much happier and more relaxed. They can enjoy life without constantly looking for a mate and are less aggressive and smelly!
• Up to 80% of un-spayed female rabbits develop uterine cancer by 5 years of age - neutering prevents this. Females who are not spayed when young and in good health may have to undergo the operation in later life if a uterine infection or cancer develops, although usually it is too late and the cancer has already spread.
• Spayed and Neutered rabbits are less territorial, and less aggressive towards their owners.
• Neutered buns are more easily litter-trained. Yes, rabbits can be litter trained!
• Unneutered males (bucks) frequently spray urine
• Unspayed females have repeated false pregnancies which are very stressful for the bunny and makes them pull out their fur to make a nest