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INTRO To Astrology: with Alexander Weyer

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A concise introductory course covering all the basics of the basics to help give anyone a great jumpstart into the study of Astrology.
No background necessary.

This Course will cover:
What is Astrology?
Mini History Overview
Elements of a Natal Chart
(Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects)
Basic and Advanced Uses of Astrology
Resources for Further Study

April 18th
$30 (Cash) payment upon arrival

Within our modern western culture, there has been much misinformation about Astrology, mainly because Astrology is such a profoundly complex and nuanced art of interpretation that requires an ever-growing relationship with living symbols to even begin to comprehend its workings. Basic Sun-sign Astrology is simply the doorknob on the entranceway into a cosmic-sized stadium where the entirety of the celestial bodies dance around one another in an ever-weaving web of patterns.

Astrology helps us identify within ourselves the modes and energies present that one has to work with. By working with Astrology we become conscious of our energetic patterns and in turn can more consciously direct them towards the betterment of self and community. As opposed to feeling at the chaotic whim of life’s events around us, we are granted the ability to see actual patterns emerge from ourselves and from the world, literally making order from chaos. Those who think they can live just as well without the aid of Astrological insights are sorely mistaken. There is a reason that the practice of Astrology has sustained itself around the globe over thousands of years, and has been closely used by Royal Families through generations.

I am offering this Intro Course as a way to help bring the empowering effects of Astrological Insights into your own hands 🙌. If you believe or feel in your heart that Everything is Connected, and 'As Above So Below'... than, you can already imagine why Astrology is a Tool of the Highest caliber and why it is coming back into our communities so strongly at this time in history. 🌎 ♥


What have other student's said about this course?

Amazing!!! I took this class with the thought that I would have a better understanding of the principles of Astrology and I was blown away!! Alexander Herbert Weyer, has a deep passion for Astrology and made it fun, with his energetic teaching approach, and easy for us to learn in ...4 hours (lol) what he has spent years studying. He is a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate that he took the time to answer all of my silly questions!
- Susan Brynski

Love your class! If you would not kick us out after 3.5 hours, I could just keep sitting there and listening to you talk - opening this window to such an amazing world! I really enjoyed to see how you interpret all this information into such an interesting talk. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!!!!!!
- Anat Haimberg Shlagman

This evening was a marvelous introduction to the art and science of astrology. It left everyone excited to learn more. Thank you for opening up a whole new world for me. ☺️
- Karen Krahmalkov


Alexander Weyer has been practicing Astrology for close to 15 years, and working with Clients for the last 5. Until the day he dies and beyond, he will forever be a student and constantly learning and growing with the art/science/language that is Astrology.


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