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The Road Less Travelled || The Revival Project 2018


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Islam provides a unifying path for Muslims globally. Yet, being visibly Muslim in a political minefield often ironically veils us under the perceptions of moderation, with our belief and identity being rapidly dissolved by connotations of ‘assimilation’. As Muslims we are constantly questioned about our Deen, whether it be why we prostrate five times a day towards the Qibla or fasting in Ramadan. Living in the West we face an array of challenges in our everyday lives, as Islam is persistently criticized. As humble Muslims we are in need of consistent reminders and doses of Ilm to remain confident on our principals and embrace the unique identity bestowed upon us by our Prophet ﷺ. Following the path of Islam lit by the Sunnah of our Prophet ﷺ with unwavering adherence we truly achieve success in this world and the akhira.

Hence, SUMSA is proud to present to you the annual Revival Project. Carrying on a commendable tradition of Jam-Packed Halaqaat (study circles) 🗣, Inspirational talks, BBQ 🍽 and the greatly anticipated Games Night for the brothers 🎾💧(water fight included) and a profound Story Night 📖 for the sisters to embark on. All with the aim of educating and creating healthy bonds between Muslims on campus ☝🏼and uniting the youth under one banner through one path.

Fatigue is the biggest killer on our roads. But the biggest killer for our Imaan is our laziness to keep steadfast, motivated and on one path. So are you willing you take the road less travelled?

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