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April X-Wing

Tactical Advantage
Event organized by Tactical Advantage

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We will be using the alternative games that we had at previous tournaments.

5 Dollar entry

There will be the Fantasy Flight tournament support kits for prize support

Write 2 lists up. A main and a Alternate List. You may switch out your list at the begining of each round if you desire.

First round Capture and Control.
Four beacons that once flown over gain points for the last player to touch it. 1 point per battle round (after each player has a turn) 1 point for small ship destroyed, 2 points for a large. 8 Battle rounds, 75 min timer.

Round 2 Escort.
Players roll off (3 red die looking for hits, grits count as 2 hits) winner chooses to attack or defend the epic ship. If the Epic ship makes it off the opposite table edge the defender wins. If the Epic ship is destroyed the attacker wins. If the ship dies not make it off the table damage done to the ship determined winner. Epic ship has no guns, 10 hull, 4 shields. If a crit hits a shield it only removes one. Crits do 2 damage to epic ship no damage deck. Players take turns being the attacker and defender.

The "ball" starts in the middle of the field. It can be shot to move straight 1 in any direction or flown over to be picked up and moved with the ship. Once the ball has crossed into the opponents deployment zone the ball resets and the owning player scores a point. While Carring the ball a ship that performs any stress manuvers must roll a hit dice and on a crit will drop the ball at the end of the move at range 1 directly behind them. If the ship has focus the controling player may reroll the crit dice.

Some improvements were added and I'm really interested in how you all feel about these!