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Chakra Yoga and Reiki

Event organized by TAFLA

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This week we are all about the Chakras; opening, cleansing, balancing and fine tuning.

Come flow with us through a Yoga sequence designed to target each Chakra, helping release long held tensions that may be blocking you on a physical, mental or emotional level.

To complement the practice, each attendee will receive an individual Reiki harmonizing session. At the end of which you shall learn about your own possible imbalances, while receiving the energetical tuning and healing to clear those blockages.

Whether you are familiar with the science and the practice or not, the workshop will deliver insightful information on the mechanism of the Chakras and their direct correlation to our body functions, especially the endocrine system.

This workshop is perfect for unwinding from a working week, and kicking off a smooth weekend feeling refreshed and energized from the core of your being.

We will begin at 4pm, continuing through the peak-of-energy sunset hours, accompanied by the glorious colors from TAFLA.

Tips and considerations:
- Please confirm your attendance beforehand through a direct message to the Yogic Breath to allow us careful management of the Reiki sessions
- Bring your mats, or let us know to book you one
- Please allow 3 hours for your lunch to digest, and it is preferable to avoid meats and alcohol before the session on that day
- Participation fees: $20

More info for you:

On Chakras: The word chakra literally means a “spinning wheel”. The seven chakras or energy centers are located along the spine, starting at the base and running upwards to the crown of the head. Each chakra corresponds to certain physical system and its related organs, and each chakra is also related to a major gland. When a chakra is over-vitalised, under-vitalised, in a state of balance, open or blocked, it directly influences the function of the bodily system associated with it.

On Reiki: Reiki is a practice originating from Japan that uses hands-on energy healing to support a person’s self-healing and balance. Reiki and the chakras relate to energy and how it functions in the human body. It is a safe method that is relaxing and reduces stress. Reiki does not direct the life force energy or manipulate it in any way – it is about clearing out the physical and emotional pollutants that prevent free energy flow.

~Together for well-being ~