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Money, Archetypes & You! with Megan Lathrop

The Center SF
Event organized by The Center SF

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Money, Archetypes & You!
Hosted by Megan Lathrop

Which voices are you listening to as you do or don’t make your financial decisions….? WHO is in the driver’s seat of your financial life...?

Why haven’t we received a user’s manual around how to relate, feel, think about money to be our healthiest, happiest most harmonious version of ourselves? Instead, we have just taken everything in when we were little ones, unconsciously, and then learned to not talk about it. NO wonder we have so many challenges…and significant untapped potential

$20 in advance, $25 @ the door

Let’s shed some light, take a look, have some laughs and fun, while exploring and tuning into the largely unconscious inner voices that we hear, the beliefs, behaviors, attitudes and emotions we experience, when we are speaking about and doing any planning around money. Over time, we forget that we are in the driver’s seat, and we give way too much power and control to this internal crew of characters that we are largely unaware of.

These voices are the same for every person— they have been passed down to us and live in the collective unconscious. Once we bring awareness, we then have a choice about how to move, and this allows us to take powerful and effective action when we want to! We can then move into the clear, tactical, wise actions we’d like to take.

“The word ‘archetype’ comes from the Greek ‘arkhetypos’ which means ‘first imprint’. The philosopher Plato first brought forth the idea of archetypes in his ‘Theory of Forms’. ... Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung pioneered the use of archetypes to illuminate personality early in the 20th century. Joseph Campbell then made them more accessible, among many, many others.

Money Archetypes are a way of describing common patterns and habits people develop over the course of their lives when relating to money. These patterns become ingrained over time as we repeat them again and again. They are familiar to us. They are our automatic ways of reacting and responding…

**Please take 2-3 minutes to take this Money Type Quiz, and bring your results with you!**



Co-Creator of the Money Coaching Program @ Capital One
Creator of Integral Money CoachingTM, CFP®, Certified Money Coach (CMC®) , M.A

Megan spent 10 years as a Financial Advisor and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) with Morgan Stanley, helping people navigate the financial markets, their lives, personal and financial goals, and then largely…. their beliefs, patterns and emotions around money. Most of which was unconscious, and running the show.

Upon concluding that this latter part was the most effective offering she could give, Megan set out to become a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, at The Money Coaching Institute, and also earned her Master’s Degree in East-West Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, while also traveling the world and walking the Camino de Santiago through northern Spain and Southern France, working with Bo Eason in LA around the power of story telling in the modern age, and fasting in the woods on a Vision Quest, among many other endeavors of this nature.

While living in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as on the Coast of Sonoma County, Megan has spent the last 3 years co-creating a Money Coaching Program across the country for Capital One. This service is now live, with over 25 Money Coaches across the country, offering a 3-session Money Journey and Money Workshops, free of charge to the public. Megan had the dream, while serving as a Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley 10 years ago, for Money Coaching to be available to all, through a financial organization, without cost being an issue, and now that is a reality. She is still soaking in the joy that dreams that we hold deeply in our hearts, that are aligned with the greatest good, really do come true!

Megan has become a bridge with her eye out towards our future horizon, supporting and equipping financial professionals to have the skills necessary to serve the evolving needs of humanity around money. She serves as the Director of Training and Development at the Money Coaching Institute in Northern California, where she coaches and trains Financial Advisors and other financial professionals around how to connect more deeply and authentically with their clients. Partnering with the CEO and Founder of the Money Coaching Institute, Deborah Price, together they offer a Certificate in Behavioral Money Coaching (CBMC®), to empower Financial professionals to deeply engage with and guide their clients through their financial lives, and ensuring they feel equipped to serve their client’s way of relating to money psychologically, their money patterns and wiring (neuroeconomics). Megan is moving with quite a momentum at this time, as she believes this next decade is a paramount time for the financial industry to step into a new paradigm.

You can also find Megan walk-dancing along the coastal cliffs of Sonoma Country with her headphones on, enjoying a campfire under the stars among the redwood trees, experimenting with new vegan recipes, or doing yoga down at the cove by her home. She is known for being able to bridge worlds, people, and topics and is thrilled daily with child-like wonder to get to engage with folks from all walks of life.