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The 6th Annual Fool Me Bad Tribal (now with Unstable!)

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In it's SIXTH year? Madness!

Welcome to the 6th Annual April Fools' Bad Tribal event! This event is a bit of an anomaly amongst the Bad Tribal Canon, as it is the only one that allows us to venture into Silver-bordered land!

That's right, folks: we're talking about Unglued, Unhinged, Unstable, and the Holiday Cards! For this event only, your Magic deck is allowed to have any silver-bordered cards in it that you want! And, as a deviation from previous years, we are allowing ALL silver-bordered cards to be used. This means that there are NO CREATURE RESTRICTIONS on silver-bordered cards. (wanna use a blue wizard in your Illusions deck? If it's silver-bordered, you can!) And yes, this means that a "Donkey" deck can have the blue and black ones this time! Keep in mind that you still can't build a Blue Wizard deck, even if there are enough in the "Un" sets. This just allows you to augment your existing (legal) Bad Tribal lists with cards that otherwise would be excluded due to the format's rules..

What rules, you ask? No problem! Here you go:

This is a Modified Modern Constructed tournament with a HEAVY emphasis on creature interaction (and man...are they bad).

Any creature type in Magic outside of a select few are eligible to be used (more on that later). Once you've chosen your "Tribe", you build a (minimum) 60 card deck (no sideboards are used) that has at least 25 creatures from the chosen Tribe. Everything else in the deck has to follow the current Modern format rules (including Banned List), but your tribe's creatures can go back to Alpha, if you want to, as any sets are allowed! (keep in mind that OTHER creatures in your deck that aren't related to your tribe have to be Modern legal).

Now for the Banned list! You may not use any:

Blue Faeries
Blue Wizards
Black Vampires
White Knights
Black Zombies
Blue Merfolk

This event also has the unique distinction of requiring at least 10 Un-cards to be used. (this means any Silver-bordered cards. Holiday cards, Unglued, Unhinged, and finally...Unstable!)

And Decklists are required, so make sure to stop by and grab a sheet. (or you can print them out online if you'd rather!)

For those keeping track at home, the Bad Tribal events in the Series are:
Broken-Hearted (Valentine's Day-ish)
Fool Me (April Fools' Day-ish) <==you are here
Freedom!! (Independence Day-ish)
Dog Days (Second half of August-ish)
Halloween (Halloween-ish)
Bad Sweater (Christmas-ish)

Entry into this event is 5.00 and the tournament begins at 3pm!

Questions? I kinda figured. Answers? We've got you covered. Give us a call at (828) 681-1861. We can also be reached at kindofalotofcards@gmail.com or right here on Facebook!

Also, we've got tons of Unglued, Unhinged, and Unstable on our website, so check out www.thedeckbox.com for all those crazy un-cards!

See you there!


The Deck Box