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Art of Feminine Seduction: For Women

The Leela Centre
Event organized by The Leela Centre

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The truth about Men, especially conscious ones, is that they are everywhere.

The reason you don’t see them, is the two of you (you and the ideal man you haven’t met or can’t get) aren’t aligning in frequency.

If what you present as or project to the outside is different from who you are on the inside, you are misaligned and you cannot connect with the man you deeply desire, you simply won’t find him.

This is a common experience: we are all finding ourselves and so the more authentic we can be with each other, the better chance we have to connect. Just like any aware woman, the kind of man you desire, is as aware of his feelings and bodily sensations as you are. He is looking for you too.

You may see him as shy or awkward if you notice his fear of being rejected, or of hurting you. And he will notice if you are feeling shame around your sexual desire and aren’t fully authentic in your life. By the way this is frightening to men - as they can feel how needy you can be and they don’t know what you need (so they imagine the worst - like that you want to trap them & eat them like a sex starved animal that is hiding from the world ) Well that might not be the first thought, but the point is, we don’t know what’s true for anyone else until we ask or speak it. So lets learn to courageously own our desires & speak our truth together!!

So yes you can hide the beastly wonder-woman, sexual goddess inside, if you want ….. BUT you know, it WILL come out of you when you least expect it…

The longer you leave expressing her, the greater your fear of not being able to express her increases. Leading to ignoring your values & integrity, pandering slavishly to his needs, playing the nice girl, all the while plotting your “I’m going to fuck him up motherfucker” escape plan or not even do that because you’re too nice!! So you’ll stay in the relationship that is unfulfilling for you, both subtly punishing each other in the process.

Most likely at some time you have been told you are too much and that you should tone it down. Culture, beliefs and social norms are designed to keep you small, control you. So now look at how you are holding yourself back from experiencing the full unapologetic seductive woman inside you?

Step into a new paradigm, embrace your Sexy Sensual Sultry Seductress.

You have the courage to take up your space and meet yourself there.

Because if you don’t, how can he?

At the Art of Feminine Seduction you will experience:

Inner goddess rituals to fan your flame and shine as bright as the afternoon summer sun.

A mens panel of woke AF beastly man specimens so you can have it out, practice your expression and ask anything you want.

Energetic orgasmic expansion group clearing with spiral practitioner NIki Kala Aloha.

A week long expansion program guided by Niki and Tomas to support you step into your animal magnetism.

We follow a structure, or more specifically, a format of elements that encompass a way of living that empowers men and women with the alignment of masculine and feminine within.

"I am all responsible for my own reality and how I experience the world". One of our favourite ideas is the concept of “if you spot it, you’ve got it”. It means that if you see a problem in a person especially an intimate partner, the only way you can possibly see it, is if it exists in you first, otherwise it’s impossible to see it.

So if you’re someone that attracts the same kind of man consistently it’s because you haven’t yet overcome the same thing in you. Carl Yung called it “the shadow”.

What we are unable to see in ourselves will always be visible in another.

Which is confusing and a hard concept to physically grasp. Intellectually we get that this makes sense. And it’s not until you can see this magical work in real time, that you can begin to alchemise the hidden elements of you that you see in others, into unconditional freedom.

We’ve found that once you can see yourself in another and differentiate yourself from them through the conscious awareness of the shadow being expressed in them as you, people are able to gain a truer understanding of each other, who they are, what are their strengths and inner essence. And as you become attracted to this in them you can make the choice whether you want to engage with them or not. Or more to the point engage with you in them. It’s messed up we know.

We also value boundaries and relationship agreements highly and teach aspects of these at every workshop. We use these tools to cultivate a deeper level of connection with each other. More intimacy, safety and trust allows us to deepen our transparency and vulnerability with each other, making you more susceptible to magnetising your perfect frequency match.

Ok so yep that’s a lot. And if you’ve read this far and you are little angry or confused or both, that’s great. If it makes sense and you want to embrace the sometimes uncomfortable true nature of relationships and you want to learn the art of feminine seduction, we encourage you to imagine this level of honesty is what you really want in your intimate relationship with a man. As we see it… You’re ready to explore with us.