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H4RDNoX & TTP Present: Neko! A CatGirl Affair

The Paper Box
Event organized by The Paper Box

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All proceeds go to funding genetically
engineered CatGirls for domestication

Presales: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/neko-tickets-43767943096

Calling all Cat-Girls & Otakus!

March 31, 2018 join DJ H4RDNoX & Triple Threat Productions for a PURRfect party!

・Your Favorite DJ's
・Hosted By Al Purps
・Pawsome Deco
・Neko Contest Hosted By the little fox girl Jessii Star of Triple Threat Productions *See how to enter & rules below*
・Nekomimi Go Go Dancers
・Feline Paraphernalia & Treats
• The Official Birthday of Mikey Crumbz

★ John Bas [NYC]
(Electronic Chaos/Kontaminated Recordings)

John Bas has been an influential part of the New York’s underground rave scene since 1994. For more than twenty years, no-one has done more to push the hard style sound in NYC’s underground. As one of Brooklyn's originators and founder of Electronic-Chaos John has spun, produced and thrown countless underground events dating back to the mid 1990’s all of which helped create the foundation for the scene we know and love today. He is considered by his peers and most veteran Djs to be New Yorks first hardstyle DJ.
Over the course of his career he has held residencies at several of New York’s legendary night clubs including Avalon aka Limelight. In 1998 John cemented his name in underground’s history with Electronic-Chaos as one of Brooklyn's best rave promoters, and that same year was credited with having thrown the years best outlaw party - HUGE magazine, 1998.
In 2000 John began producing his own tracks and being mentored by none other than Dj Delirium. In 2004 several of his tracks were licensed by Topaz records to appear on Dj Venom’s “Straight Banging 3” compact disc.Three years later in 2007 John’s 4 track “Feel It” Ep was signed to UCMusic and one of the first hard dance tracks released on beatport.com. Since then he was responsible for setting in motion the 2009 to 2011 hard dance surge and growth that swept NYC and producing everything from weekly’s to a massive. Recently John has taken a step back to concentrate on producing new tracks in order to spread his sound on a global scale. His unique mixture of old school and classic rave mixed with hardstyle brings a sound that is not only fresh and modern but nostalgic as well. Recently Bas’ has been releasing his tracks on Kontaminated Recordings, a sub label of the legendary Industrial Strength Records. His newest release “Stumbling Drunk” just dropped and already has major European and Australian support. Whether it’s behind the decks or behind the scenes this man has dedicated more than two decades to the harder styles shows no signs of stopping, proving that the hard styles are forever.


★ Mighty MIKE SAGA [Philly]
(Vortex/ i Love Industrial/ 80s Affair)

Philly Based Mild No-mannered Graphic designer by day and Multi genre dj super hero by nite! Its the one and only DJ mighty MIKE SAGA! At the wee age of 2 years old mild mannered Mighty Mike Saga began spinning records on a PlaySkool stereophonic hi fi record player with an Old Radio Shack Mixer to fuse his favorite Sesame Street and Muppet songs together in harmony. Those days have long passed and he now galavants across the world in 2 different music scenes you know and love ..The Rave scene & the Goth/Industrial scene.
( *fine print: first statement in bio is not accurate or true*)
More Stuff...
With a dj and Rave flyer design schedule spanning all over the United states and Beyond spinning out 4 to 7 times a month it may just be clear his brand of dj skills are in some weird Demand for his antics. Maybe if Facebook didnt suck with showing what events he's playing at you'd see that. Any way's Just like a Cracker Jack prize, you may not know what you'll get when you see him spin. But one thing will be certain he will have you in a sweaty mess with your make up running down your beak. Thats a promise you FREAK. Bios are stupid! They try to convince you "the reader" on something you havnt seen yet ! Are you still reading? Wow! I Mike Saga hate writing about my self so i got a crack head off the street who looks like one of the sand people to write most of it for me! You think im kidding? Seriously I went out side in my neighborhood in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and offered this guy 50 cents to write it and he was like Dude! Really ? 50 cents to type a few words about you? And i was like fuck yeah! He was like " i dont even know you other than pissing behind your house occasionally" Anyways to help sweeten the deal i threw in a used condom! He was totally into it ! Its a amazing what people will do for a used condom these days. Oh i should mention I like drinking Jameson Whiskey and Coors light! Im not like all you soFistiCated pre-madonna dj's that have to have "fancy" mixed Drinks. Oh shit i have to go! Looks like a Gonk, Darth Vader and a StormTrooper and Jabba The Hut just came by in a X Wing fighter to Pick me up! Peace!
( fine print: AGAIN statements in bio are not accurate or true)


★ Integrity [NYC]
(NYCRavers, Kikwear, Hardmind, DJintegrity.com)

For more than 15 years, DJ Integrity has strived to serve and represent the rave community without compromise, influence, or corruption to fulfill the expectations his moniker implies. As a DJ, despite genre evolution over the past decade and a half, Integrity’s driving, deep, and complex sound has remained consistent, but fine-tuned and modernized along the way. Integrity covers a wide range of trance, hard dance, and techno driven by a psychedelic undertone. He designs his performances as stories with quick and calculated mixing to challenge the mind and body to engage. During the same time period, Integrity has also released mixes and radio broadcasts alongside producing and consulting for numerous events. Influenced by and trained during the late 1990s-era New York City rave scene, supported by prominent promoters past and present, and matured by years of performances, you can rely on Integrity to deliver the authentic rave experience even when others claim it is dead.


★ Lauren Valentine [NYC]
(Reckless Dream Productions/ Pretty Girl Productions)

Once upon a time, a royal sorceress cast dark spell upon the kingdom. Valentine’s hex charmed, all who encountered it, to surrender their souls to the music. Seducing each soul it touched, the enchanted became powerless slaves to the bass, lured by the pounding drums as Valentine’s dark army marched forward. Now, as the thunder rolls in and bewitches you, your soul will be defenseless against the magic. Surrender yourself to the Princess of Hardstyle, as she steals your heart, or just breaks it in half! Will you be my valentine?
An intricate story teller, Valentine uses a unique blend of hardbass genres, blended with a rock and roll flare. Aside from her true love of hardbass genres including hardstyle, hardcore, speedcore, trapstyle, dubstyle, Valentine also ventures into the sexy world of techno, exploring dark techno, hard techno, and hard trance.
Lauren Valentine grew up a rocker and developed her passion for hard beats from her roots, as drummer, in hard rock and metal. Valentine also spent years evolving her musical background and training her ears with classical piano training, musical theater, vocalist and has also spent years as a gogo dancer, aerialist fire performer pole dancer and hooper. Her hardcore attitude stands to promote a true love for music and moving to it. Her musical experiences give Valentine a unique perspective, and she uses this knowledge to truly move the crowd.
She may be small but her energy and passion are huge. Valentine, The Princess of Hardstyle, sets out to put the HARD back in Hardstyle. This is a call to arms, to bring a new love the hard dance world. Her high energy performances and original productions, will make any crowd surrender their hearts to the the Army of The Princess of Hardstyle... or just erupt into a mosh pit! ROCK ON!


★ Tribal Mage [NYC]
(Mutant Jazz/ Transit.fm/Bestdrumandbass.com)

NYC resident DJ, Tribal Mage, has made it his mission to constantly push new and unique sounds onto the dance floor masses. In doing so, he has created a name for himself in his eclectic styles of sonic force. With unbiased love for underground dance music, Tribal aims to create a welcoming and pleasurable vibe in each set he spins.

The past three years have been nothing but continuous growth for this dedicated music lover. Landing multiple invites to the legendary weekly Konkrete Jungle, a resident title with the soulful Mutant Jazz crew, and recognition from some of the best event promotions NYC has to offer, it's clear this talented artist will let nothing stop him from spreading the word of dance music.

When he's not in front of the decks, you'll catch him writing articles at Bestdrumandbass.com, reading comic books at a local café, or blessing the airwaves at his monthly radio show on Transit.fm.


★ The Rokwell Brothers (Bass Rokwell V. Dirty Fox) [NYC]
(Not affiliated with secret Russian government)

DJ, Producer, Remixer, and Live Performing Artist of over 20 years. He use s Turntables, CD's, Laptops, GrooveBoxes... and anything else he can get my hands on! Embracer of all technological platforms and musical genres, he promises to NEVER stop evolving. Music is better than it ever has been. The will use any medium available to keep his performances fresh, intriguing, and aggressive.



Kirill Dickburgovsky started his early years training how to professionally bear fight in the mountains of Siberia. By age 10 he had defeated 115 bears using only his beard. The Russian government was so impressed by Kirill's noteable skills they made him their top undercover agent. He was a mentor to such agents as James Bond, Sterling Archer, & Austin Powers.
Kirill took the name dirty fox after his signature move which involves handcuffs, a live fox, and a snickers.
He came out if the womb with a literall mixer in his hand. After ghost producing for the biggest stars, hes now your resident cat daddy.

The one and only
(with Promotional Support from NYCRavers)

★ Paradox Productions


★ Triple Threat Productions


★ Casey Anne [NY]



★ Meowing From Mars

MFM is a community of fancy cats who preach PussyPower and strive to empower females by encouraging them to embrace their feline sides. Do it with some Custom Made Ears and empower your fellow kitties to be great ✌️💖🐱


★ Lonni Moon

Lyra moon is a live painter and artist based out of long island New York. She specializes in psychedelic visionary black light painting. Her styles are unique and fun and give off a magical fairytale vibe to the viewer.


Neko Contest

To enter: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeLBVXIjoKlaxcq0QmM9D6hV0_grW-zHZZ0UpUFJA5-5WkAQg/viewform

Rules: Fill out the form above. Each contestant will be brought to the stage and do a quick cat walk! Once all contestants have gone, the crowd will decide the winner! Prize will be given to contestant with loudest applause.
***must be in cat cosplay***

*Deadline to apply:
March 17, 2017

Venue: The Paperbox
17 Meadow St.
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Age: 21 to Purr

$10 via https://www.eventbrite.com/e/neko-tickets-43767943096 until 3/31/18 at 7:17pm
$15.00 Before 11:00PM
$20.00 After 11:00PM
$5.00 Off In Cat Cosplay ALL NIGHT