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3-D 35mm Weekend Spectacular!

The Parkway Theater
Event organized by The Parkway Theater

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We're incredibly excited to bring a a whole weekend of rare 35mm prints using a new state of the art 3D processing technology custom designed by film archivist and garagehouse pictures founder Harry Guerro, who will be here in person all weekend projecting the films and discussing the new process!
In addition to this new techonology, we'll be showing a print of Frankensteins Bloody Terror 3D which is a holy grail among film collectors as the 3D version has been missing for 50 years!
The original 3D elements had recently been discovered, restored, and Harry had struck a brand new print for his Garagehouse Pictures, which will be touring the U.S this year!

Weekend passes are available at a discounted rate and include free popcorn all weekend.
Read on for film info and more about the techonolgy!

Friday November 10th
7:00 PM
FRIDAY THE 13TH 3D- A rare screening of this fun and infamous entry in the hugely popular Friday the 13th series. The film will be shows in it's intended true 3D format instead of the red/blue that was more widely shown and released on DVD/Blu-Ray.

9:00 PM
One of the “holy grails” of cult cinema, presumed lost forever, has been unearthed and is heading back to the big screen for the first time in nearly fifty years.Now, nearly half a century later, this Franken-favorite is finally being resurrected: though long assumed to be lost or destroyed, a search of the Independent-International archives has turned up the original 3D dupe negative elements; a new 35mm print has been struck by Garagehouse Pictures

Saturday November 11th
4:00 PM
Released in theatres in 1985 but largely overlooked at the time, Starchaser was showcased in 3D and boasts being the first 3D animated feature ever made. The 3D is among the best that I’ve ever seen in a movie. It’s probably the best cell-animated Star Wars-ish cartoon we’re ever going to get. Starchaser recreates all the intangible things that made Star Wars cool that are hard to describe.
Starchaser features great, colourful animation and a score that is boisterous and evokes the same adventure feel of the Star Wars and Star Trek movies. Starchaser is a fun gem that entertains from beginning to end.

7:00 PM:
From the cast and crew that brought you the 3 cult hit "Comin at ya!", comes another insane 3D spectacle. This absolutely crazy Raiders of the Lost Ark knock off is non stop 3D insanity. Also, with a score by Ennio Morricone?! In it's brief run time here's a list of some things thrown at you knives, spears, darts, bones, jeweled daggers, balls of fire, laser beams, boulders, ropes, attack dogs, bats, shards of stained glass, a set of dishes, a large kettle, a stove, a corpse, a python snake, an empty glove, birds (both real and artificial), arrows, unidentifiable glowing objects shot from guns, keys, letter openers, several human heads, skeletons, large sections of an exploding castle, one bottle of booze and assorted spoons, wow!

9:00 PM
Dynasty" was issued under a dizzying barrage of alternate titles, such as "Qian Dao Wan Li Zhu," "Super Dragon," "Supercross," and "Warlord." The makers certainly weren't bashful about utilizing the dimensional depth, as no minute goes by without something being thrust at the audience, from numerous weapons to simple bell ringing. There's really no paucity of gory action either, with one dying victim continuing the battle even after both hands are cut off! Featuring quite spectacular stunts, truly ridiculous special weapons, and villains that require surreal violence to be killed, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser to close our 3D weekend!

More about the New 3D Technology -- Harry Guerro's Innovative Approach

"What I did earlier this year was to take a few old 3D lenses and retro-fit them with custom-made modern chromatic filter technology of the type Dolby uses for their 3D. The glasses were custom made as well. The chromatic filters are an improvement over the old polarized process in that they eliminate “ghosting” (the result of improper convergence, that was part and parcel to most 3D processes)."

"They also allow for more range of movement while viewing 3D. Most importantly, the new system doesn’t require the use of a silver screen. Previously, polarized 3D required the use of a silver screen to keep the polarized light from the projector polarized, and reflect it back into the audience. Since the chromatic filters split the light spectrum to keep the stereo images separate, a silver screen, which most theaters in the country don’t have (or a they don’t also still have film projectors!) is unnecessary."