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Integrating the 8 limbs of yoga into your practice and your life

Michelle Higgins Yoga
Event organized by Michelle Higgins Yoga

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Over 2.5 hours we shall look at the 8 limbs of yoga . Yoga is not just throwing some shapes on the mat – yoga is a life style and the 8 limbs were set out in the Yoga Sutras written by a sage called Patanjali over 5000 years ago . However as an oral tradition it is likely they existed way before then . They have been likened to a set of Russian dolls – all interlinked but each contains elements of the others – they are layers of the same thing . The 8 limbs are
1. Yamas – behaviours – ahimsa – non harming , satya – truthfulness , asteya – non stealing , brahmacharya – moderation and aparigraha – non stealing
2. Niyamas – internal observances / self discipline – saucha – cleanliness , santosha – contentment , tapas – the fire inside – your motivation , svadhyaya- self study and isvara pranidhana – surrender to a higher being / what you cannot control
3. Asana – postures – all familiar with
4. Pranayama – breathing exercises – such as equal , nadi shodana – alternate nostril and kappalbhati -shining skull
5. Pratyahara – withdrawal of senses inwards
6. Dharana – concentration
7. Dhyana – uninterrupted flow of consciousness – a keen awareness without specific focus and
8. Samadhi – what we all aspire to – peace –the feeling we get in savasana after practice
We shall start with a talk about the 8 limbs and follow that with a group discussion before moving on to a physical practice .
The cost is £25 and please note that the workshop will only run if 3 people book and pay by 5 October .

Please call me on 07803 586161 or email on info@michellehigginsyoga.co.uk for further information or for booking / payment details.