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Biodynamic Breath Workshop

Event organized by TRIBE YOGA

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You hear the work STUCK and it resonates with you. Maybe you know why you feel stuck or maybe that is where you are stuck; the not knowing. Wherever you exist on this spectrum, it may keep you from moving forward and can manifest as chronic tension in your body.

Chronic tension lives in the body in many different ways. It can exist on a physical level or a mental/emotional one. In fact, chronic tension is often experienced both physically and mentally. The body’s intelligence is to hold chronic tension in the body as a coping or defense mechanism resulting in tightness of muscles, decreased range of motion, difficulty concentrating, and foggy state of mind. It can produce feelings of immobility, worry, anxiety, exhaustion, and pain. Chronic tension can also reduce resiliency, impeding our body’s natural ability to heal and the mind’s ability to process.

Lisanne van Niekerk works with a fusion of different styles of yoga, meditation, and breath work, mainly focusing on the sensations in the body and coming back to the physical experience in the here and now. She is always looking for balance and healing that she can create for herself and others.

In this amazing workshop you will get in touch with your own body and the innate healing capacities your body holds. We can all heal. We can all let go of ‘stuff’ we don’t need any more, things that prohibit us from living and enjoying our lives fully. Here and now we create the space and the tools for you to let go and step into your power!

We use deep connected breathing and movement exercises to guide you into a process that will allow you to open up your body. The workshop is based on Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System (BBTRS) techniques. This is a powerful and natural way of releasing chronic tensions, limiting belief patterns and emotional trauma from the body. The breathing during the workshop empowers your body’s natural process for healing, releasing chronic tension and restructuring your systems on a cellular level.

As a result people feel more freedom, vitality and energy and are able to feel more self-love and enjoy life!

During this workshop we use deep connected breathing and movement exercises to guide you into a process that will allow you to open up your body and release chronic tension. The workshop is based on Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Systems® and will give you a taste of what this work can do for you.

Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Systems® (BBRTS®) helps to release chronic tension from the body to unlock the body’s potential for healing. In effect the physical release, all the way down to the cellular level, positively affects the mind’s capacity to process and release mental and emotional tension. BBTRS® uses the following 6 elements:

Breath – guided deep connected breath work to charge and activate the body
Movement – somatic movement exercises to release held energy in the body. This may include fascial opening, core tention release, and therapeutic movement/dance
Sound – vibrations from vocalization, music and instruments to support the nervous system in tension release
Conscious Touch – use of pressure points and physical assists in breath movement applied with sensitivity to increase awareness and support energy flow
Emotion – soft emotional release can be a part of the session, but not a goal. With support you will be encouraged to stay present with emotion and to return to your own sense of comfort when needed.
Meditation – resting state for the body and mind to absorb the benefits of all the work put into releasing chronic tension and prepare for self-healing.

This workshop is ideal for people who are curious, or who are aware, of how chronic tension exists in their bodies and are ready to explore and release it. After the workshop participants will feel more energy, more range of motion, more freedom and ready to move forward!

Date: Sunday April 15, 2018
Time: 2:00 – 4:00pm (doors open 1:30pm)
Fee: Early Registration $45
Day of $55