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Georgia Trekking

UAE Trekkers
Event organized by UAE Trekkers

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Tour program:
Departure from Dubai (Fly Dubai) 4:30am - Tbilisi 8:00am

Day 1:
Arrival to Tbilisi International Airport at 8.00-
Transfer to the hotel with the guide.
8.30 - 9.00 Check-in at the hotel.
Rest time till lunch.
13.00 - Lunch in the city center.
13. 40 – Sightseeing tour round Tbilisi.
The capital of Georgia is unique. It stands on few mountain hills, on which the old neighborhoods of the city "creep". The most beautiful Kura river with its picturesque rocky shores, flowing through the whole city.

Tbilisi was founded by the Georgian king Vakhtang Gorgasali in the 5th century AD. In the 12th century Tbilisi became one of the important political, economic and cultural centers of the Caucasus and the Middle East. As the capital of one of the most powerful countries in the Caucasus region, Tbilisi was the center of the intersection of major trade and cultural routes between the east and west, south and north, the main direction of the Great Silk Road.
We will visit the city center; look at the life of the townspeople, the guide will tell you what the city breathes.
You will have an opportunity not only to admire, but also to learn a lot of interesting things about the architectural and cultural monuments of the Old City, which for many centuries the fortress of Narikala with its battlements has served as a protection.
Visit the Bridge of Peace. On the left bank of the bridge is the temple of Sioni, which we will also examine. We will take a walk along Old Tbilisi, Rustaveli Avenue, Abanotubani (the region of sulfur baths).
Visiting the traditional market "Dry Bridge" or food market, at demand.

19.00 - Back to the hotel.
20.00 - Dinner.
Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 2:
Breakfast in the hotel.
Moving to the ancient capital of Georgia - Mtskheta.

Tbilisi + Jvari + Svetitskhoveli (Mtskheta) = 35 km, 40 minutes.

Arrival in the city of Mtskheta - the ancient capital of Georgia. The history of Christianity in Georgia begins in this place. In the city of Mtskheta is stored the most important Christian shrine - the chiton of the Lord. Based on historical and cultural significance, the "Historical Monuments of Mtskheta" are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visit the Monastery of Jvari (translated into Russian as "Cross"), which is located to the east of the city of Mtskheta, on top of the mountain at the confluence of the Aragvi and Kura rivers. The current monastery of Jvari is a pearl of Georgian Christian architecture, in the 30s of the IV century in this place King Mirian III erected a cross from a vine that was revered not only by Georgians, but by all Christians of Transcaucasia. Further we will visit the Cathedral of Svetitskhoveli - a symbol of Christianity in Georgia and the national liberation struggle against foreign invaders. The temple was built in honor of the great 12 apostles of the Christian church. According to ancient legends, it was here in the IV century the first Christian church in Georgia was built - the church of Saint Sidonia.

Departure to Uplistsikhe
Lunch in the city of Mtskheta, or on the way to Uplistsikhe, the restaurant of Chashnagiri.
Mtskheta + Uplistsikhe = 1 h 15 min (50 km).

Uplistsikhe ("God's Fortress")
Ancient cave city, one of the first in Georgia. Uplistsikhe is carved in a rock located 12 km. from Gori. The city emerged at the end of the II - beginning of the I millennium BC. The uniqueness of the monument lies in the fact that it retained the remains of architectural structures built over several millennia. The total number of caves was 700, but by now 150 have been preserved. It was a cultural, religious center for many centuries, it was partially destroyed by the Mongol yoke, grandson of Genghis Khan, more than 5,000 monks were executed.
Currently, the Uplistsikhe is home to the Uplistsuli church.
Departure to Gudauri. Hotel accommodation.
Uplistsikhe + Gudauri = 2 h 35 min (164 km)
Dinner at the hotel restaurant in Gudauri.

Day 3:
Breakfast in the hotel.

Jump to deliks (minivans jeep type).

Deliks will drive you to the Jute village, which located on the border of Hevi and Khevsureti, 20 km from Stepantsminda.
This is the highest settlement in Kazbegi (about 2160 m.), It is located on the southern slope of the Main Caucasian Range in the Gorge of the Juta River (Snoskhali is the right tributary of the Terek River).

Stop at the "Zeta Camp".
Trekking tour around Zeta (4-5 hours) - Zeta - Chauhi - Lake Abudelauri - Zeta
From the village of Juta to the Chauhi Pass (3300 m) trekking tour.

The nature and atmosphere of the place allow having an active rest.
Dinner and overnight in tents in Zete (Camping)
Gudauri - Jute - 1.30 (45 km) -
The track is up to 5 hours, partly on delicacies, partly on foot at the request of guests.
Lunch on this day, lunch boxes. Dinner on site at the Camp Base.

Day 4:

In the morning Excursion in Kazbegi: the Church of the Holy Trinity Gergeti (2170 m above sea level). In clear weather, a stunning, phantasmagoric view opens up to one of the highest peaks.
Georgia - Mount Kazbek (5147m). We will examine the church of Tsminda Sameba (Church of the Holy Trinity) 14 st. - the temple towers over the settlement at an altitude of 2300 m, from here a beautiful view of the Kazbek peak, the Chauhi massif and the settlement of Kazbegi opens.
The trail is gaining a height grassy slope, sometimes comes out on the rocks, quite similar to the Carpathian.
Tracking descent from Gergeti to Stepantsminda.
Lunch in Stepantsminde.
Departure to the Truso Gorge - known as the "Valley of Narzans" - the valley of the upper reaches of the Terek River, to the south of the slopes of Kazbek, one of the side gorges of the valley of Khevi.
In the past it was inhabited by Ossetians, since 2006 it has been uninhabited. The far western part of the gorge is considered a border zone, and allowed there by passes.
Trusovskoe gorge - the most beautiful in the Kazbek district.
To Gudauri, the transfer with deliki.
From Gudauri continue the way to the minivan.
Return to Tbilisi. Recreation.
Zeta Camping - Stepantsminda (Gergeti Church) - 1.10 minutes (about 30 km)
Descent trek - about 1.30 -2 hours (7 km) - to Stepantsmindy
Stepantsminda - Truso Gorge (25 km) - About 30 minutes
Truso Gorge - Gudauri - (25 km) - About 40 minutes
Gudauri - Tbilisi - (130 km) - 2.30 minutes

Day 5:
Start of the tour
Arriving at the rafting base

Mtkvari, it's Kura, is beautiful at any time of the year, and the spring Mtkvari, and even riding the raft on it - that could be better!
We are moving to the "mineral capital" of Georgia - Borjomi. Near the city we will conquer the main waterway of the Caucasus.
Instructions briefing "On the behavior on the water".
Rafting on Mtkvari (Kura), near Borjomi
The tour begins at the Chitaевev Dam, when the water level in the river drops and ends in Borjomi.
Approximate length of the routes: 8 km.
The difficulty level of the tour is 2.5 (medium).
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes.
With you need to take - change shoes, towels, change clothes.

Ten kilometers will fly unnoticed, and all of us, tired and happy, will arrive at the finish line, where we will already have a picnic.
A good and friendly team, conquered river and shish kebab - as a wonderful ending of rafting. Picnic in nature after rafting, if desired, participate in cooking shish kebab.
Accommodation in the hotel Borjomi.
Excursion to Borjomi *** (depending on the remaining time) –

We will visit the famous park and try the real "Borjomi" spring water directly from artesian well of this medicinal water.

Lunch - on this day a picnic on the base.
Dinner at the restaurant in the hotel.
Tbilisi - rafting base of Borjomi - 180 km - 2.30 - 3 hours
Base of rafting - Borjomi - about 15 - 20 minutes
**** Information on optional services below.

Day 6:
Breakfast at the hotel.
We leave for Akhaltsikhe, where we will visit the fortress of Rabati.

The city of Akhaltsikhe is mentioned in the annals of the 12th century. Although actually much older.
In the 16th century was under the rule of the Ottomans. In the old part of the city there were preserved a fortress, a palace and a mosque. We will visit the so-called Rabat, where the palace of the rulers was also located. In Rabat, special attention is drawn to the halls, which are a good example of an ancient Georgian dwelling. Rabat amazes with its scope impressiveness, thoroughness and richness of finish. After extensive restoration works, it is especially pleasant to admire all the splendor of this amazing place. The famous Charles Aznavour is directly related to Akhaltsikhe - his father was born here.
Moving to the Vardzia Cave Complex (XII-XIII cc.) - 19 tiered rock town. Vardzia - this is not just carved into the rock rooms. This is a cave fortress - a monastery that appeared in Georgia near Tbilisi in the 12th century. She did not just appear. This fortress was intended to protect the noble Borjomi Gorge from enemies who were trying to seize the territory from the south.
Today this religious building is located on the territory of the modern Aspindza district.

The cave fortress itself - the monastery stretches for 900 meters and it is in the sheer tuff wall of the mountain called Erušeti. You can translate this name as Bear Mountain. And at the bottom of the modest and almost imperceptibly flowing Kura. ... In the mountain itself is carved about 600 rooms, but the exact number of them, unfortunately, is not known. There are also rooms here that were churches and chapels, cells and pantry, baths and refectory, treasures and libraries. Also, if you wish, you can find small secret passages, though most of them are already blocked up, and the remains of an ancient water pipe that allowed the inhabitants of Vardzia not to die of thirst, and the irrigation system, which also undoubtedly played a huge role in the lives of the people who lived in it place.
The premises themselves deep into the rock leave as much as 50 meters, and their height of location above each other is equal to the height of the modern eight-story house.

Borjomi 09.00
Rabati - 10.30 am
Rabati 10.30 -11.30
Vardzia - 13.00
Lunch in Vardzia - 13.00 - 14.00
Excursion to Vardzia - 14.00 - 15.00
Departure from Vazdzii -
Vardzia - Tbilisi - about 4.30 am on the way
Arrival in Tbilisi around 19.30.

Back to Tbilisi. Gala dinner in Tbilisi - 20.30 - 21.00

Day 7:
Transfer to the airport 03.30 am. End the program.
Departure: Tbilisi (Fly Dubai) 5:50 - Dubai 9:10 arrival
Tbilisi (Fly Dubai) 10:00 - Dubai 13:15 arriving

Visa information: https://www.geoconsul.gov.ge/HtmlPage/Html/View?id=956&lang=Eng

Price 6600 DH

Direct payment:

The trek will happen with min 4 people in the group.


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