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Come Celebrate True Earth day 2018 with us!

Jesse Lindsay Productions
Event organized by Jesse Lindsay Productions

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Come and join the #WokeAF in celebration of the TRUE EARTH!! Kick off those globetarded shackles and embrace the flatness that is the breast of our mother earth, sing in the curveless fields, dance on our flat ground, see cities hundreds of miles away that should be BELOW THE CURVATURE OF THE EARTH!!! Check mate globe heads, we about to get as drunk as we are woke, and thats AS FUCK!!

Activities will include but are farm from limited to -

Discussions about how the earth is flat
Discussions about how the earth is NOT ROUND.
How WRONG science is
Probably "aliens"
Math that WE do better!
Flat snacks such as Earth Shaped Panckaes (ESPs), tostadas, pizza and waffles!
More discussions regarding how flat our truth is
Shaq Themed images and comments
How awesome dinosaurs are
Not killing my co-founder!
Flat Earth videos playing in the lounge (thanks youtube!)
How fake dinosaurs are
Hopfully a bouncy castle (which clearly wouldnt work on a round surface)
Invader Zim style voices and references
Give aways, food, music and lots more!
Rapper BOBs PROOF that the earth is as flat as his rhymes are dank
Fire dancers
Fun games, random prizes and lots of arguing!


More details to follow, share this and invite your friends, drop by the shop and show your support with one of our necklaces, rings or "other" items!

Brought to you by Wasteland resources, Glow Fuck Yourself and The Artwork of Jesse Lindsay