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Record Store Day 2018 at both WGTB stores!

We Got The Beats Record Store
Event organized by We Got The Beats Record Store

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It's about that time! #RSD18

The rundown for both stores:

We Got The Beats Record Store
5130 N Federal Highway, Suite #2
Fort Lauderdale FL 33308 954-671-9482

We Got The Beats Too
4588 N University Drive
Lauderhill FL 33351 954-395-6520


As always, we'll be opening three (3) hours early for your shopping needs! Both stores open 8AM until at least 8PM.

Both stores will be well stocked with RSD merch! And we still have the best pricing. We charge only the suggested list price on all RSD items, even though we are allowed to charge up to 20% higher.

Here is our price list, which also includes the total quantity ordered (so far) for each title. https://goo.gl/eu5zTM Note: we *never* get as many as we order. No store ever does. There are over 1,000 participating RSD stores, so if there are only 1,000 made of a particular title, you can see how that goes. However, if you see something you know you want and we've only ordered 1 or 2, please reach out and let us know, because we still have some leeway with our orders, so we can still usually add more product.

What we have done for years is maximize our chances for getting the good stuff by ordering from multiple sources. This year, we've ordered from more than ever, including all four of the big suppliers that carry every title. (Last year, we only used two, and we still got a ton of product.) The strategy is: if something turns out to be very limited, and the distributor is only going to send us one, then it's much more likely we'll get 4 instead of one. (One from each of four distributors = 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4.) And that's why we feel comfortable asking you to spend your early morning hours outside either of our doors. We couldn't ask you to do that if we didn't have some strong confidence in getting a great amount of product so you can get as many of your favorites as is reasonably possible.

The list will be updated as our shipments start to come in.

Other stuff:

The first 10 people in line at each store will be guaranteed to be able to buy the one item at the top of their list, provided we received it, and provided one of the people in front of them didn't already request all we had left. We appreciate that some of you guys camp out from 10PM the previous night, sleep outside, or show up at 2, 3, or 4AM. We couldn't handle the guilt if the first person in line didn't get the item they wanted because they walked to the aisle too slowly or some such thing.

To that end, we always organize and alphabetize (by first name) our RSD merch. That same person who slept outside all night can't lose their favorite item to someone behind them in line because they looked in the wrong spot, or because the records are haphazardly placed on the sales floor. You'll be able to walk the stock from A to Z, so you can prioritize what you go for first. "Various artist" albums, like soundtracks, will be under the first word of the title, not under "V" for Various.

Which brings us to the staff who are all there to help you. Someone will be at the door to let everyone enter in an orderly fashion. Plenty of regular employees and regular helpers (who have been helping us for years on RSD) will be at both locations. The last thing we want is for you to wait in line for hours to ring up your prized finds. We'll have lots of extra people on hand to help you find things, to ring, to bag, to check if the other store has something you still need, and to check our suppliers for RSD and non-RSD items for you. (Whatever we order on Saturday will be in on Monday.)

The wristband program has worked great in the last few years. Numbered, colored wristbands (like at the club lol) are distributed as you get in line. No one can cut you in line because you will enter the store according to your numbers. (We typically have guest vinyl sellers outdoors for you to peruse and buy from, so you don't have to worry about getting out of line for a moment to buy something from them.) Everyone getting in line or arriving by 9AM (even though we open at 8AM) will get a wristband, which also serves another purpose: it will get you doorbuster deals, which typically end at noon, for the entire day - at both stores!

Specific doorbusters will be announced as we get closer to RSD, but typically they include blowout prices on a handful of catalog albums, as well as discounts on other categories in the store (like certain used records, etc.)

One of the reasons we do the doorbuster wristbands rather than just ending the doorbusters at noon is: we know the RSD items are usually the priority for you guys that day. So if we didn't have something you wanted, and you need to take a ride over to our friends at RadioActive, or The Record Rack, etc., and then come back later, as long as you have the wristband, you'll still get the doorbuster deals - all day long. And this year is the first time there is the bonus that you can start the day at one of our stores, go about your business, and then head to our other location anytime before closing and take advantage of the doorbusters there as well! (The blowout albums will NOT all be the same at both stores this year. Mwah ha ha...) But there will be more than usual!

To announce what we know so far will be at each separate store:

Fort Lauderdale:

Mongoose Triple Threat returns to our Fort Lauderdale store for the second year in a row (including the guy with the masks!) and they'll be setting up early to entertain you while you're standing in line before we open.

DJ T Lake takes over mid-morning to throw down some BEATS.

A note about parking in Fort Lauderdale: we have an arrangement with the big office buildings directly to our south on Federal Highway. They are totally cool with us parking there. The small stores to our north (including the pharmacy, the piano store, etc.) are NOT HAPPY with us parking there. They threaten to call the police and tow trucks every year. Please don't give them an excuse to do so. This is another reason we put so many cashiers on to move the line along quickly.

Lauderhill: (our first RSD out west!) VJ Barry Browder spins VIDEOS of all kinds of music from 9:30AM to 2:30PM

Shells Kava Bar will keep you chill!

Yerba Mate will wake you up.

Note: we are open to other vendors, food trucks, etc., who would like to make our customers feel special, full, and fully promoted. Contact Tony at wegotthebeats@aol.com

Feel free to ask any questions you may have!