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Grillin, Chillin & Killin - Freaky Friday Murder Mystery


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Join us for a night of mystery!

• Character info can be requested ahead of time for those who would like to embrace their new identity and dress up or can be given on arrival
• Please post below or send us a message if you would like a character in advance
• $5.00 entry fee at the door
• Gold coin donation for a sausage sizzle

Kris Angels - Magician
Sam Lanfton - Standup comic
Omari Shady - Makeup Artist
Tiki Waters - Lifeguard
Pizzy Tankus - Guitarist
Plus many more!

THE PLOT - The neighbors of Sunny Lane are an eclectic group of people. Most of them get along fabulously, but others have unfortunately plunged their wicked hooks into others, causing mayhem, despair and serious misunderstandings. Nonetheless, the neighborhood Home Owner’s Association has decided to move forward with the annual block party in hopes that it will bring those engaging in combat to a truce; and the neighborhood will be able to live happily ever after in harmony.

This year, the block party will be held at Kris Angels’ home. Kris, a professional magician that strongly upholds the Magician’s Oath and Code of Ethics, doesn’t typically invite guests over - in fear that magical secrets may become popular knowledge. Rumor has it that Kris has rented a storage facility in order to hide certain gadgets, contraptions and props from the guests.

You have received your invitation, and cannot wait to soak up some sun, play backyard party games and enjoy some delicious grilled food with your neighbors. This is where your story begins.