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The people who enjoy the richest and most fulfilling lives know an important secret.

And whether you define great success as:

* Personal freedom
* Inspiring growth & contribution
* Fabulous wealth
* Empowering impact
* Great relationships
(Or all of the above!)

It all comes down to one thing...

The quality of your communication determines the quality of your life.

It's simple, really, because as a coach, teacher, entrepreneur, helping professional, or simply someone who wants to live a richer, more fulfilling life...

The better you are at communicating with yourself, the happier and more fulfilled you will be.

The better you are at communicating with others, the more successful and empowered you will be.

Surprisingly, it isn't about knowing a bunch of big words or being a great public speaker.

The very best communicators in the world know that the most important skills you need to master are:

* How to easily connect and create trust with anyone in moments because a receptive state of mind really opens up all of the channels

* How to listen well beyond words so you can get what people truly want in ways that are easy to understand

* Knowing how people think and why they make decisions so you can get your message across in powerful ways

These are the secrets for Truly Inspiring Influence!

Certified NLP Basic Training - Inspiring Influence! is the first step to mastering these skills and more.

You get TWO Full Days of NLP Basic Training + Certificate + Practice Sessions + More!

Regular Tuition: $497.00 + taxes...

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Save $200.00 Now while you discover:

* Learning States
* Connecting with Rapport
* Read People Better Than Ever
* Set SMARTER Goals
* Using Your Brain For a Change
+Much more!

This 2-day course with Darren Miller will give you the skills you want to get started making a real difference in your life starting now.

Learning about NLP and hypnosis is AMAZING! Darren is a great teacher and gives his students 100%. I’ve learned so much and love applying it in my everyday life and my coaching sessions.
~Eren Dagdeviren, Life Coach

** TWO Full Days of NLP Basic Training + Certificate + Practice Sessions + More **



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